Sunkens and boss items! (click this now)

Discord is Bugzy#0890
Clean mino axe x3 (1 on 1 trade with oaths)
Hard sunken chest
Hard Sunken helm
Clean Sunken Chestplate x2
Strong sunken helm x2
Clean sunken boots x3
Bursting Sunken chestplate
Destructive Sunken Helm
Forceful Sunken Helm
Bursting Sunken Helm
Swift Sunken Sword
Clean Wall of Jericho
Forceful Exiled chestplate
Forceful Exiled Helm
Clean Exiled chestplate x2
Clean exiled Boots
Clean Exiled Helm
Nimble exiled helm
Clean Mino Chestplate x3
Clean Mino boots x5
Clean Mino Helm x5

LF strong sunken sword, clean/strong oaths and maybe some crown : D
Discord is Bugzy#0890
Bal: 3K Fishbait

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