Super cool maejik storey

oky once upon a time there was a guy called bobby and bobby was like a super guy because he hagde cool magek power call fire or sumthin idk.

anyways bobby live in a cool sity on island and then one day as bobby as doing tf2 engineer taunt on the roof of a single mother with 5 children suddenly big bad guy with scary amogus power called uhh lightneng and he was very mean and like he made babies cry and he came to town and he said “me has 10 berry bountei i am very mean gruahahah” and everyone was liek “aah no pls” and then he laughed a lot and made some people sad because he cooked maet with his maejc and then didn’t paye for it.

bobby saw and bobby got madge and wahs like “omg bro you can’t not do taht you are bad smelly guy” and then scaery mean guy was like “no i don’t care i did ur mommy” and then bobby mommy came and she said “yes son but he has a tiny pp so lol” and then bobby was like “omg you are gonna regret grrr” and the bad guy heard what mommei said and was like “i do not have tiny pp!1!11!1 you are so mean i will defeat you son mean fart butt”

so then people ran away and then magic battle hapened and there was like big boom everywhere ans bobby shooteds magic and the bad guys shooteds back and then bobby was losing but he was like “h” and then he beat bad guy and bad guy said “wahhh i am sorry boo hoo” and bobby was like “you cannot steal and now you have tiio help oyut in de sity” and bad guy who was now good guy named jeff said “okae i will”

the end for nowe

le epik

Here we go again…



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