T.S.B.O Recruitment

We. Are the Spear Break organization. My name is Percivale Barion the current leader of the guild currently undergoing a dictatorship unless something goes terribly wrong. Which would be a damn shame. It is a pleasure to meet every single one of you.

Our guild is a chill one. We usually don’t get upset that much though some of us admittedly… Well let’s just say aren’t the strongest branch on the tree. We usually try and host events when we (I) feel like it.

Lore: T.S.B.O is a guild that was first led by one of percys ancestors. A wielder of three magics. DarkFlame,Storm, And whirlpool. With this power he created the StarBreakers. A clan that was meant to limit the usage of magic as much as he could.

Our guild lives under a dictatorship. The final word is decided by the leader.

We have 10 legions. 7 if you don’t want to include the main guild

Out of the seven we have…

The artist legion. The legion that produces fanart for the guild.

The pvp legion. The legion that. Well. Is decent in pvp.

The training legion. The legion that can help people for pvp purposes.

The Trading legion. The legion that is used for nothing but trades.

The Academy legion. Whenever you need help this legion is for you. Basically with whatever you want or feel the need to know about the guild.

The Lost/Primordial Magic/Spell cartel. Not really available but is a mixture of pvp and trading well. Lost spells, And lost/primordial magics.

The design group. Basically a group trusted enough to do things like clothing designs and helping with building places like the guildhall and the training grounds.

And finally

The logo for the entire guild.

Our discord is right here https://discord.gg/faNZdcmpMM

If you want you can try visiting the guild hall before it gets revamped but that’s it.

breaks spear

breaks spear

Might join idk


Funny, i remember fighting you guys, it was near ancient coli and me and one of your members were equally matched out, very fun fight

No winners bc 2 suncry members joined and ganked


Which one was it?

Breaks spear after seeing me not in any of the pictures

I cri now

I remember it being someone with about 330 hours and 1.7k kills I think but that was like 2 weeks ago


I forget

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