Testing for

Testing for
convenience 3.5 8 fairness 3.375 8 trustworthiness 3.571428571428572 7

testing for ratings pls ignore lol


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mini suggestion for this system, make a way to appeal certain reviews. Because if someone’s trade doesn’t get accept they can easily abuse the system and post a terrible review for terrible reasons

This shop is absolutely amazing! They are so trustworthy in delivering my bottle of air to me in-game!
I rate 10/10.

Similar to what Misinput said, this shop has delivered and helped me ingame as soon as the trade deal has started, and has always been reliable. Their fairness is extreme, and I always feel I am getting the correct things for what I am delivering. In terms of trustworthiness, they are exemplary. They have always given me what I wanted in exchange for what they wanted, with no falters. Never has the shopkeeper lied or screwed up a deal. Thus ends my insightful report.

man scammed me out of a headless smh


This is what I mean, just when it’s not satire lol

cuz you said so