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I guess you can dicuss anything you want here about the TGR!

TGR going to have whirpools

don’t make overly broad posts like this
theres so many individual elements of the TGR, that its better to just make specific topics

I hate the name odyssey and hate it even more because it makes sense

I heard some juicy info that the Name Arcane Odyssey ties in with the story

vetex already hinted that the war seas are where mount olympus fell

the odyssey is a ancient greek epic centered off Odysseus’s journey returning through the Mediterranean after the trojan war,
where they get attacked by tons of monsters an shit

the name making sense literally hurts me

We won’t get monsters, we might get something better :sunglasses: :sunglasses: which is:

Well sharks are 100% confirmed and it’s very possible white eyes will make a return as well Alpha white eyes

No white eyes would not return, he existed because of magical pollution which the war seas do not have. and sharks exist (in game play and animation sense) because it doesn’t take that much animating lol, shit it doesn’t even need animation, which is why he never animated his fish

There’s no where that it says that the War Seas don’t have magic pollution, they very well could have magic pollution, like a blast that literally split a continent and a blast that threw a chunk of the planet into space and that didn’t cause any magic pollution elsewhere? Also Vetex said that there’s abnormal weather there, which is caused from magic pollution

white eyes still exist, the seas worldwide are still irradiated at this point

then world of magic would of had it and vetex said they went exist, so there is no argument lol

er… what?
wom was 2000 years after the cursebeard war
anything would of dissipated by then

World of Magic is set over 1000 years after arcane, it says in the lore that the magic pollution had disappeared by that time and the weather was finally normal

But the war seas still don’t have all the affects like. causing massive tsunamis, huge storms, snow in hot places, and other anomalies. Let me go to sleep >:c
white eyes is also to scary to be a creature and Vetex don’t wanna give people PTSD

I miss the massive time skip from WoM

technically, if there’s a lot of monsters, that means that there would be a lot of bosses to fight.