TGR Related Poll

Should boss items be kept or replaced?
  • Keep the current boss items, don’t replace them with something greater.
  • Remove the current boss items, replace them with something greater.

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Should we get a magic reroll?
  • Yes, let us reroll our magic once.
  • No, don’t let us reroll our magic once.

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If you picked to replace the boss items, tell what you would like as a compensation/replacement.

the items that replaced said items :3

Reasons to keep the boss items:
Greedy shop owners would want to be the trading meta.

Reasons to replace boss items:
The item will be greater in value than the boss items.

Reasons for free magic reroll:
The game will be sea-based (compared to before where it was land based), meaning people who already picked a certain magic (since they thought it would stay land based) are at disadvantage (fire, magma, etc.).

Reasons for no free magic reroll:
Balancing issues?
People already picked their magic.

Personally, if the boss items were removed, I’d love to have the magic dagger that Theos gave the player in AA (but it’s somehow upgraded).

wdym reroll? like based on RNG or do we get to pick something else, or is it just ''oh bugger you got stinky whatever magic now you have to use it for the rest of the game on this save file EZZZZZZZZ

You get to choose again (similar to how Vetex is letting us choose our names again).

o aight cool

Honestly the boss weapons should be kept as a kind of “beta bracelet” thing, an item that only OG players have, they could be nerfed to oblivion (which they already are) to balance them


Since the game will be Sea Based, I believe that fire will get a huge buff, and magma will still have its special details on water.

How will fire magic get a buff?

Replace each item with a certain vanity item and not just give 1 single vanity item like in AA :fr:

(and if that does happen please make the vanity good not like AA :pray:)

Or just replace them with better weapons and armors :nod:

Because it’ll be all water duh, and he’ll probably add Fire being weak in storms/rains again.

The oath got nerfed into oblivion, so id like something new.

To be honest, fire magic will be worse in the TGR unless the fire magic user is a very high level (like how Rupin was able to set the sea on fire with his Fire curse).

Fire Storm :hungry:

Magics that will get buffed due to the game being sea based:

  • Water?
  • Ice
  • Lightning
  • Snow?

Magics that will get nerfed due to the game being sea based:

  • Acid
  • Ink
  • Fire (HEAVY NERF)
  • Magma (Medium nerf?)
  • Paper
  • Plasma (HEAVY NERF)
  • Sand
  • Explosion
  • Ash

This is based on the soaked status effect + Arcane Adventure flashbacks.
This is based on the game being sea based and Vetex not buffing/nerfing magics.

Go in water, ez counter

:clap:ez claps

To be honest, TGR will change what people planned for their 2nd magic.