TGR - The Greater Rendition (part 2)

This is a secondary post to TGR - Two Months on (Part 1) .

So last time. I talked about everything Vetex has currently added to the game. I only slightly looked over the future additions. But here, I have exhaustively gone into detail of the future additions. This has taken 40 minutes (and 15 minutes to find a synomyn for detail just for the title) to make this happen.

Let’s start off with the current works:

**Magic improvements**

First off, the magics of Paper, Ink, and Gold were removed. Though Gold’s variants will be merged with Iron to create Metal Magic.

There will now be 7 tiers of magics instead of the 3.

Also the magis of Acid, Water and Fire have been revamped.

Other minor updates in this section was the change of the Southern Sea’s name to Bronze Sea, High Jump Startup is (temporarily, for testing) 0.1 seconds, and slipping while climbing while soaked is 3x less common.

Past here is uncharted territory.

**v1.5 Finalization - Adjustments, Bug Fixes**

No, 1.5 isn’t coming out here. It is most likely an extra spot to fix some stuff. Everything past here is pretty much optional, most of it will be going in the game.

**Add Redwake's side quests (all with level requirements, some repeatable)**

Unlike AA where you only had a few quests to do and Doom Island and off to Savaria you go, Redwake will have repeatable side quests. This is good, but still could become repetetive.

**Add Redwake's NPCs and chests**

I wonder why adding NPCs is after quests but sure. And how can’t we not have chests?

**Shipwright NPC - Somewhere on Redwake, have a Shipwright NPC which sells Ship Name Tags, Ship Paintbrushes, and Repair Hammers.**

This could be interesting, though it is the same as AA. I wouldn’t like repair hammers tho, that would take time.

I put up a suggestion that this guy should be called Bob, as in Building Our Boats. It immediately got closed.

**Shipwrights should have an option to repair your boat to full health for an amount of Galleons**

Then what was the point of the repair hammers? Oh right, laziness. That’s how stonks works.

**Revamp melee weapons**

The big one most people have waited for. Some weapons could get buffed, some nerfed. We don’t know. But we know Sunken Sword is somewhat getting a change.

**Add the Info UI which displays your character, its build type, stats, skill points, personality chart, and a section for medals and medal points.**

Intersting. Adds to the realisticness. Skill point could be very interesting, but we’ll get to that later. Medals and medal points could be pretty nice. Maybe medals about how much chests collected? Or enemies killed? Wait. Personality Chart? How will that work? Oh right, the wisdom, courage and empathy from earlier on.

**You should gain Skill Points and Medal Points when leveling up**

I get skill point, but medal points? Maybe there is a medal for getting to a certain level.

**Add the build names and stat allocating functionality**

k cool.

**Add Medals and Medal selection (at least 5 for each stat type)**

k cool.

**You should be able to create skills for your weapons, and each weapon type has its own set of skills and Lost Skills. Advancing further into the Weapon stat will allow you to unlock more of these**

k coo- wait a second. Alright, this one could be a big change. Skills for weapons, now that’s the shit I’m talking about. Heck there is even lost weapon skills. This isn’t Sword Art Online but this weapon update will be sick.

**Add 1-2 new wilderness islands**

Keep an eye out chest hunters.

**Add Redwake's weapons/armors**

k cool.

**Replace the Magic Council with the Grand Navy (soldiers will use weapons instead of magic)**

k cool. also less destruction please.

**Add the sailboat (Has slots for Hull, Sails, Lanterns, Figurehead, 1 Cannon on each side, 1 Weapon in the front)**

This one is gonna be good. Rams maybe? Sails are normal. Lanterns will be good at night. No one cares about figureheads. Cannons. and a weapon? What type of weapon? We will see.

**Add the first Sail item that can be equipped to ships, purchasable at Shipwrights**

k cool.

**Add sailing trails, sound effects, and toggle sails button**

k cool.

**Add a wind system that will affect sailing speed**

oh god no please.

**Add the first Figurehead item that can be equipped to ships**

k cool.

**Add the first Cannon item that can be equipped to Ships, purchasable at Shipwrights**

k cool.

**Add the first Ammunition item that is used by Ships, purchasable at Shipwrights**

k cool.

Woah lot’s of boring stuff.

**Cannon Firing - When sitting in the steering seat of a ship with cannons, you can fire all broadside cannons at once by clicking in a direction. The side that will fire will be shown by a visual, and it will fire each cannon on the side, which each take 1 ammunition**

very cool.

**Add the first Weapon item that can be equipped to Ships, purchasable at Shipwrights (These are manually armed weapons such as swivel cannons and harpoons that you can add to your ship, and cannot be fired while steering. They will be especially good for damaging players and sea monsters)**

Here is the answer from earlier. This could be interesting in naval battles. Wonder how harpoons will work.

**Ship weapon functionality**

k cool.

**Build Frostmill Island**

o fuck what

**Add the first fighting style**

Everyone thinks that the first fighting style after Frostmill island’s creation means that the new fighting style will be on Frostmill. And they are correct. Very correct.

Also has no one realised that the third island always has the first fighting style. Savaria had Cannon Ball Fist.
Frostmill Island story

k cool. Just hope this doesn’t take as long as Redwake’s.
(More storyline and island-related things will be added here. The entire Southern Sea will be included in the release as well as the story leading up to Level 100)

Level 100 pog.

**Hostile NPC note - spawn in preset locations and respawn after a while, random names and appearances**

k cool.

**Sharks - Spawn randomly nearby players, have varying types, server handles their AI and positions while clients render the sharks. They will target players and NPCs, and leave blood on the surface of the ocean after biting players. Try to animate their jaws**

Alright, this one. Good old sharks are coming back, possibly making things much worse. And much scarier, children playing this will be scared.

**Whirlpools - Spawn randomly over deep ocean water with varying sizes, and indent the ocean while sucking in players and ships. While a ship is being sucked into a whirlpool, it will be incredibly difficult to get it out, and at the center, boats will take heavy amounts of damage**

noooo, why.

**Windy Areas - Spawn randomly over the ocean, in areas like this the wind blows twice as strong for easier or harder travel, depending on which direction you're sailing. This would be able to be visually seen in some way**

Bad thing after bad thing huh.

**Rough Seas - Spawn randomly over deep parts of the ocean of varying sizes. Depending on the size of the waves and your boat, your boat may take damage over time while sailing through this. These will always spawn underneath thunderstorm clouds**

This will be very painful.

**Large Waves - Spawn randomly and underneath thunderstorm clouds, these can grow to varying sizes and deal heavy damage to boats if they hit them, as well as drag players down deep into the sea**

This will be more painful.

**NPC Ships - Spawn randomly, AI calculated by the server. These can rarely be members of well known pirate groups, and contain random pirate NPCs that can be fought. Once all pirates are defeated, chests will spawn on the ship (?)**

Ok this can be kinda fun.

**NPC Swimming - When an NPC falls below ocean level, force them to stay on the surface of the ocean and swim towards their target. If they swim for more than a certain amount of time, have them start to take damage**

Finally, NPCs take damage when swimming.

**Diving Spots - Rarely spawning structures in deep sea that have groups of chests and some indication on the surface. Diving for these should be risky (due to sharks) but rewarding and worth it. (If you have any suggestions for this post them on the forums)**

Fellow chest hunters. The swim will be treachorus but the treasure will be great.

**Light Snow, Heavy Snow, and Blizzard Clouds - More variations of clouds that can spawn from normal clouds. These would reduce your temperature if you're standing under them, create ice sheets on the ocean, and the blizzard may also act similarly to a tornado**

nope, back to bad things again.

**Cargo - Random-spawning cargo crates on the ocean that give twice as much treasure as treasure chests**

This will be fun to hunt seas for b o x.

**Harsh weather such as thunderstorms, tornados, severe tornados, severe rough seas, etc. should be more and more common the further out to open sea you sea. There will potentially be rewarding things and challenges out here, which is still being thought about (Open to suggestions)**

Vetex please.

**Dodging - Double tap any movement key to swiftly dodge in that direction, relative to your camera. This should require a decent amount of stamina**

This will be fun and change the PVP dynamic.

**More activities - Ghost ships (maybe not this update), events, sea challenges that force players to fight using their ships, etc. (Need suggestions!)**

Yes. Good.

**Spell slot moving - Allow players to swap around spell slots in the Magic UI, this is very important for Lost Spells since if you activated a scroll and it assigned to the wrong key, you would be screwed without this feature**


**Add the first Lost Spell Scroll**

The most hyped one. The one that can make people grind a lot.

**Lost Spell Activation - Clicking it in your inventory will make a prompt appear to select which magic you want to assign it to. Each Lost Spell will have a Level requirement, but once you are of that level, you can assign it to any magic, even Lost/Primordial, as long as they have open spell slots. When you select a magic, it would ask you if you're sure about your choice twice, and then the scroll will be consumed, and the skill will be added to an empty slot on the Magic. After this, the Lost Spell can be edited however the player wants**

k cool.

**Add some kind of special indicator under lost spells in the spell list UI, and make sure it double prompts you when trying to forget a lost spell, stating that you will not be able to create this spell type again unless you find another scroll of its type**

k cool

**Make Lost Spell Scrolls obtainable in some way**


**Add 1 or 2 more Lost Spell types**


**Mobile compatibility - Buttons on screen for charging energy, toggling sprinting, high jumping, blocking, and when selecting magics, tools or weapons, have their abilities display as buttons on the screen. This would need further testing with UI scaling and performance. If performance issues arise, optimize visuals when playing on mobile. Possibly add some sort of auto-aim for mobile players, but if a keyboard device is detected, disable it**

Nice joke. But how would this be possible. The amount of buttons on the screen would be too much.

**Boats should have titles based on their strength and upgrades**

k cool.

And now we are on the last few bits.

**Boss item change**

Grinded so long for that Oathkeeper? Goodbye it goes.

**Add a badge awarded to players that played the original World of Magic before this update, unsure what it would do yet**


**Revamp most existing Hints**

k cool

**Update the titlescreen place to show the in-game map (as it will be currently an empty ocean until this point)**

k cool

**Update the tutorial**


**Update the world map UI and make sure it works properly (also make sure that you still gain XP from discovering new islands)**

k cool

**Update world news UI and features**

k cool

**Open Testing Session**

Lets fucking go.

**Add new codes**

k cool

**Update the game's thumbnails, game icon, description, and design new ads**

nearly there. end my suffering.

**Publish and rename the main game**

Took 8 months but we made it. Now suffer more

I think you could tell I was suffering at the end. So that’s it. Uhh. Bye.


no you dont understand about the tiers
magic tiers are separate from the other magic tiers

before, in WoM, we would have 10 tiers, which increase the size and damage of blasts and other spells.

now, in AO, we’ll have 7 tiers, which will probably be cooler than WoM’s versions.

mastery and awakened are getting removed and replaced by something else iirc

I’ll just say nice list since I’m not really reading all that


i wish this was formatted with hide text but otherwise very good. I will come back to finish this later.

it feels much but at the same time
it feels like nothing

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coincidentally a week ago I started to watch it and this is my opinion, the first two arcs are very bad if you are going to see it, just look at the SAO arc to understand things, then watch the first and last chapter of the AFO Arc so as not to get lost and go from the first to the second season (I liked the first three episodes of the second season more than the entire first)

Not to be that person but I’m not sure this is not what I was talking about. Just a little reference.

theres a possibility that there will be more lost spells than shown on the trello :poggers2:

I just hope water will be able to create large waves upon colision with the sea when the projectiles get big enough

You mean that they’ll actually be noticeable? Sweet.


for example, upon hitting tier 5 (or was it 6?), your blasts produce explosions


It starts at tier 3 and gets more noticeable at tier 6 and also think clashes from AA

tier 3 now

we getting the effect sooner than i thought then

Yep AA clashes coming soon also we’re probably going to get close to t3 if not yo t3 when TGr comes out

nah t3 is probably level 150 or smthn

Yay, Ash cloud time

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Regarding the Mobile compatibility, it’s not a joke, it will atleast be attempted, instead of having 5000 buttons on the screen there will be buttons that have multiple functions instead of having each individual one for everythint