Thanksgiving Dinner Hall

Hang out while dining on exquisite meals from google images! Happy Thanksgiving!

Whats thanksgiving?

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Thanks for giving or something idk :crazy_face:

It’s an American holiday that supposedly celebrates when the pilgrims(one of the first English groups of people who arrived in North America) met the native people and they had a feast together while sharing goods and tips with each other. Now on Thanksgiving, families around the country have a big feast together and have a good time, almost similarly to Christmas


Sounds good!

*in level voice* source?


here you go

I sense a very distinct lack of carbohydrates here

no pumpkin pie smh

yall uneducated

whoops just uh
took this one out of the trash
seems salvagable

looks good

you are now an ascended homie

why would I celebrate an american holiday