That One Shop

That One Shop
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That One Shop

Welcome to the club my shop :mariomug:

:warning: INVENTORY WAS LAST UPDATED ON: 8/28/2022 (m/d/y) @ 22:55 EST :warning:


Sunken Helmet

Strong Sunken Helmet
Bursting Sunken Helmet

Sunken Armor

Clean Sunken Armor
Swift Sunken Armor

Sunken Boots

Swift Sunken Boots


Exiled Helmet

Clean Exiled Helmet (x6)
Forceful Exiled Helmet (x2)
Strong Exiled Helmet
Bursting Exiled Helmet

Exiled Armor

Clean Exiled Chest (x17)
Powerful Exiled Chest

Exiled Legging

Clean Exiled Leggings (x7)
Keen Exiled Leggings

Wall of Jericho

Clean WoJ (x6)
Sturdy WoJ (x4)


Clean Oath (x6)


Minotaur Helmet

Clean Minotaur Helmet (x3)
Clean Minotaur Helmet
Forceful Minotaur Helmet (x3)
Bursting Minotaur Helmet

Minotaur Armor

Clean Minotaur Armor (x3)
Hard Minotaur Armor (x3)
Nimble Minotaur Armor
Keen Minotaur Armor (x2)
Powerful Minotaur Armor (x2)

Minotaur Boots

Hard Minotaur Boots (x4)
Strong Minotaur Boots
Powerful Minotaur Boots (x2)
Bursting Minotaur Boots (x2)
Keen Minotaur Boots (x2)


Clean Vastira
Strong Vastira (x2)
Hard Vastira (x2)
Swift Vastira


150+ seasonals (mostly Halloween)
Dozens if not hundreds of clean meta gear, like amulets and wizard items
yes I know clean aren’t that valuable shut up

If you wish to offer a trade for one or more of my items just give me a quick message on here or through discord (364#0364). If I don’t respond, please be patient as I am likely at work. Got a job :frpensive:

ok thanks for visiting now buy something :hungry:


gj on the formatting :+1:

thanks chief :nod:

If you give me a bursting sunken helmet, clean and swift sunken armor, swift sunken boots, 4 clean oathkeepers, 6 clean exiles leggings, 12 clean exiled chests, a strong exiled helmet, 2 forceful exiled helmets, 3 clean exiles helmets, 2 wall of jerichos of your choice (don’t want to be too stingy), a clean vastira, and 18 other mino items of your choosing, I’ll give you a rusty can. What do you say? :mariomug:


Looks good

how many maid items do you have

Gl wit the shop looking delectable so far

more sunkens than i have :frpensive:

but could i trust you with my apoc bringer scroll?

Shut up and take my money

A shit ton actually, one of the items I used ro search for a ton of.

W shop

boo e

I want a number so i dont overpay too much
Gimme an estimate


there’s more but this is what I could show before some edge lord hacker tried to kill me :hungry:

ill buy all of then for a sunken bootie

box u dont need them as much as me please :sob:
if ur gonna offer that much to fuck me over, im offering a nimble sunken chestplate for the lot

extremely tempting to step in with a clean sunken chestplate for the maid stuff

where the fuck were you when I was selling my maid shit wtf

strictly maid-fueled economy