That one time I got ganged up on

I went to the bronze grasslands to kill the exiled when suddenly. 3 guild players appeared from the same guild. I didn’t stand a chance in a 3 on 1 battle so I ran. I was waiting for the battle thing to go away so it wouldn’t be “combat logging”. I managed to evade for long enough and disappeared without combat logging. Since then I’ve been using agility items.

I probably should’ve died and been like, ok I guess. But I do not let toxic players murderize me.

Sometimes sneaky tactics call to escape the player killers who only want infamy.


bruh… 3v1s aint hard lmao, unless their part of a good guild. i can 3v1 easily against random guilders just run a 1022 set… what guild were they? if i could get 3v1ed when infamy was good i would be so happy lmao… since thats 4 infamy (if 1 was a leader which it 99% is)

They all were doing like 150+ damage with beam attacks. My build was set up for PvE and I’m not the best at PvP. Don’t know the guild name but I believe it was ranked rookie

oh, its probably tigerbaby’s (most hated person next to galtron) guild or something, they all run full power gold/iron, their shit at the game so idk why you ran, just fight them long distance and there is nothing known as PVE build so…

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wait I run full power gold what’s wrong with it

3v1s are ez as hell

even against LB guilds? :skull:

full power gold is cringe


one of them was using fire


just like fight back idk

oh ok then idk how you can do 150+ damage with fire but ok