The Absolute State of My WoM PvP

Yes, my aim was trash in this recording.

skill issue

Is that the Cute Package I see in use :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

at this point its not even a question

Does anyone actually use them unironically though

Seems to me like you obtained the fabled Missing Curse, the only curse that can be wielded by multiple people at the same time.

bruh, pay attention to the other guy’s shots not mine.

he has the sharingan

Okay, you pointed out an extremely obvious client sided issue. You missed all of your shots. What’s your point?

Since when was this post a discussion tf, you guys are just like twitter peeps, I make a video with editing trying to make fun of both me missing all the shots in that pvp instance and the client-side ping bug that makes it look like the enemy aint shooting at you but serverside he hits you, but your client doesn’t show it.
This is basically my ping the entire fight.

Yeah my bad, I misread the title

You posted this in a category called Game Discussion, if you wanted it to be taken so light heartedly you shouldve posted in off topic or something lol

skill issue

200 ping is a bit high
around 80 ping will be considered low
your bullets are not hitting your target is most likely due to ping and the enemy moving out of the way quickly

can’t aim with magic? JOIN US WEAPON MAINS


My Answer: Dead, Non-Existent, Reduced to atoms

it can be so extreme sometimes so you just have to blindly block

reject magic, return to weapons

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Why am I going to post a WoM video in offtopic :thinking: There should be a game discussion meme, as there were many posts before related to WoM but they were all memes, like.

Cursed WoM Images
Cursed WoM Video
Cursed WoM moments

They’re all related to WoM and they’re all memey-like, I never knew that game discussion was always meant to be serious and stuff when this kind of topic existed in #game-discussion even posted by a mod

I only had 400 bobux, I wanted to get donator and boss, but boss was 400 bobucks and so was coward I was obligated to buy cute :frowning_face:

The hardest choices require the strongest of wills