The barrier spell

The barrier spell
effort 3.0 2 quality 1.0 1 reasonability 1.0 1

The idea

The barrier spell is a low damaging move (lower than beam) that can be unlocked at level 95, and creates a wall of your magic, blocking attacks from things like arrows and other attacks, the type of magic the barrier is made from changes how strong the barrier is, but all barriers deshawn after 50 seconds if they are still standing.

Clashing can also effect how much damage barriers take,for example if a fire wall was struck with a water blast, it would take significantly more damage as opposed to a snow.

The way the barrier is placed is like an explosion spelling terms of activation, However there is a few different variations that can be made.

The barrier spell similar to an explosion spell, can be placed or self, self barriers are stronger, and placed barriers have better range.

There are two shapes of barriers that can be made:

(Note that all of these spells can have their sizes adjusted, changing the magic energy they consume)

Appears as a large dome of whatever magic you chose, can be used to trap players or protect yourself, however to balance these spheres don’t last very long, only 6 seconds, and they are the weakest form in terms of durability.

Strong barrier that can take a lot of hits, lasting 10 seconds before natural despawn or destruction by another magic. however summoning it leaves you open for a bit.

Other notes
The type of magic that makes a barrier changes how strong it is.

Gas magics: weakest barriers
Powder magics: slightly stronger than gas
Energy magic: depends, fire and light barriers are awful while explosion and lightning barriers are stronger.
Liquid magic: decent strength
Solid magic: excluding glass, have the best barrier strength in the game, metal being the top magic.

Reason to add/change

Opens new ways of magic based combat, also sounds cool.

Barriers will most likely exist either as a normal or lost spell. They were shown in previously planned magic tiers on the Trello. They will be present in Arcane Odyssey at some point most likely, as they were in Arcane Adventures (And was on the trello).

Also, specific magics having stronger and weaker barriers is a terrible idea. That could create lots of unrest, but I see where you’re going with it.

Oh I didn’t know that was on trello, also, I could see your point in how different magics have different barrier strength.

Best preview we will see of a barrier is how it was in Arcane Adventures / Reborn, though changes could be made. Every magic there had a barrier, since it was quite important. It worked differently from how you described it here. It floated you in the air and you could move it around with your mouse. It would get destroyed either in several seconds or if it took enough damage and had a reload, I believe.


@Acid close this. It’s already planned. Legit confirmed actually.

you can also hold G btw

Already planned as a spell for later magic tiers.