The Best Magic? [Tierlist w/Keeper of Oath]

w/ KeeperOfOath / Orion

Which is one of the best players in the game, if not the best.


See people explosion is good

I consistently forget that y’all have such deep-ass voices

wood is good just use a swift magic speed amulet

imo lightning should be atleast b
the base damage is meh but the speed makes up for it

and also it clears bleed

Smh “best player” didn’t know paper got its impact nerfed to 0.85x…

Jk, but paper did get nerfed, so you could put a thing in the description or a comment if it change the list for you.
Or don’t, I just wanted to point that out.

Noufles tier list

S tier - Light

F tier - Everything else

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Yeah no I’m the best thank you :slight_smile:

Noufles winnin stfu

Idk, people might believe you more if you showed us some clips idk idk

Don’t have to because: image
If weapons weren’t cucked (endlag/startup) this update I’d still be #1. For now I’m just relaxing in the #2 spot until AO :frsleepin: + Throwable Weapons take more skill than Magic :fr:.

I was referring to the claims about Noufles, but I am curious to see clips of you fighting (not that I doubt your skill, I just wanna watch)

Does this actually work well tho? Does it actually make the speed useable?


no, I exaggerated
It does get better but not enough