The Birthday Dev

it’s that time again, happy bbritahyday vetex, here’s a pizza on a balloon
i’d put a cake on a balloon, but i can’t because

  1. but i don’t think i have enough balloons
    and 2. i’m already putting a cake in this next comic part as a little nod to your big day

The fucking cake was Vetex cake all along


I knew it

goddamn it

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this is scaring me for some reason

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what is there to fear

…im concerned now



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Pizza… on balloons…

What? Who?! HOW?!?! WHY?!?!?!?!

Jokes aside tho, happy bday Vetex! Here’s to perhaps the most eventful year in your life so far!

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how old is the girl besides the maid loli idfk her name

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16-18 give or take

that’s scary…as all heck-

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that was some weird pizza over there

totally not fake

pizza time

Those clothes look like you are about to go to the Bronze Grasslands on a safari…

Love the pizza. :pizza:

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ready to explore the ruins to rediscover the epics of legendary individuals, the rise and fall of entire ancient societies and…

…who am i kidding we’re all just here to farm chests

True that!

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