The Confrontation

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Hawk awoke suddenly in her brown hammock. Another yap was heard from a dog barking in the distance. She quickly tipped herself out of the hammock onto the platform she strapped together in a large oak tree’s bow. Alcoves were carved in the largest branches for storage and a hidden alcove where she kept her money and most of her weapons.

Hawk reached into the alcove and pulled out the spyglass she had stolen, on one of her jobs. “Lets see why there’s a dog so close to my sanctuary,” Hawk said to herself. Climbing into the top branches of the tree, Hawk looked in the direction of the dog bark. Cursing Hawk dropped down back into the tree and began arming herself with her knives and blades. Hawk had seen a human coming her way with a bloodhound leading him. The man had a Zweihander strapped to his back and was wearing a suit of chainmail as far as she could tell. Donning on her tunic she sat and waited to confront him.

As the Man crested the hill, he viewed the oak tree in all its glory. “If the Night Blade is going to hide anywhere it would be here,” Alexander said to himself. “I’ll tie you here Sparky. I don’t want to accidentally injure you. Thanks for bringing me here,” Alexander informed Sparky the bloodhound. Alexander made his way a fair distance away when he saw her. Sitting in the oak tree’s branches, watching him like a cat stalks a mouse, was a felinor. “Jack never told me she was a felinor,” whispered Alexander to himself. “I’m going to enjoy killing her.”

Alexander began moving forward, “Get off my territory and no one gets hurt.” hissed Hawk.

Stopping in his tracks he looked at the felinor again, “A cute little kitty cat threatening the greatest warrior,” Alexander teased, “You think your something killing in the night.”

Jumping down from the tree in one fluid motion, Hawk spoke, “So be it,” while unsheathing her dagger. If i get hit by that blade I’m done for, he likely has muscle so it will be easier to slice him and let him bleed, then to go for the protected throat or heart. Hawk thought at the same time.

“Kitty, wants to fight. I was going to kill you anyways,” informed Alexander, while unsheathing his Zweihander.

Hawk’s tail and ears were twitching to sounds and motions in the air and her body was tensed. Alexander rushed forward and went to cleave her in half when she jumped at the last moment. Landing on the blade knocking it to the ground and unbalancing Alexander. Then she slashed his arm with her dagger and promptly jumped over his head and ran a fair distance away. Sputtering Alexander stood up and turned around.

“How dare you harm me, monster,” Alexander proclaimed while charging again. This time he began swinging in an arc. Hawk looked at his eyes and arms to get a discretion of his next move, When Alexander swung she did a backflip launching herself 8 feet in the air then landing on her feet to slice with her dagger. Much of the battle continued this way, Alexander attacking with his blade in feats many would consider undodgeable, and Hawk performing athletic dodges and then wounding him slightly. Eventually Alexander was sweating and bleeding from 13 shallow cuts, while Hawk was unfazed except for a bruise she obtained from landing on her ankle.

“Most o-of the other feli-felinors I’ve killed,” Alexander began between breaths. A knife came sailing through the air from Hawk before he could finish. Dodging Alexander pulled a crossbow from his side. Hawk realized what was happening just in time to dodge the first bolt. The second bolt, she was not so lucky as it pierced her right hand forcing her to let out a hss of pain.

The realization that she had to end this soon dawned on her as she ran behind the oak tree. “Cowards all of you, would rather slink in the shadows like cats,” Alexander proclaimed. Hawk let out a breath and ripped the bolt out of her hand wanting to screech in pain. Taking the bolt she prepared for one last attack.

As Alexander neared the tree. Hawk jumped out from behind the tree and threw the bolt straight and true into the cavity between his skull and the chainmail suit, but not before Alexander shot another bolt which hit her in the arm, piercing it and breaking the bone.

Alexander’s corpse fell to the Earth as Hawk fell to the ground hissing, and screeching with pain. This was the first time one of her bones had been broken. Standing up she hobbled to the tree and collapsed exhausted. In her ear she could make out the sound of the bloodhound barking, wait… she also heard hooves coming. She tried to get up but collapsed and succumbed to sleep.

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Great Job! Pretty good damn story so far, can’t wait to see more characters in the future!

My only question is Hawk a boy or a girl because I got confused about their gender.

Your answer is in here

Read all of it Do you need any new characters in chapters 12+? Im sure you have some of the stuff planned out but message me if you do.

The last person he would go to for chatacters

Good Job on the story. You managed to get it out relativly quickly and pretty well(at least compared to my story) However there are some slight grammer errors(sorry for wall of text)

Ok so this isn’t really that bad, you could just be more clear on the move he did. Did he kick it out of his hand, did he flip it and pin it down?

I think you meant unprotected and I would use stab or slice instead of cut

Just removed the seemed and it’s more choerent

Ok so I actually didn’t quote the full things by accidient, but it kinda just says he takes out the crossbow and it kinda just seems like the knife unexists mid air since it doesn’t mention him dodging it. Small things like this, well they aren’t a big deal but they can break immersion

Sorry if it seems like I’m hating on you but I really genuinely like your writing. If I didn’t like it then I proably wouldn’t bother to read the whole thing. Also I would suggest sumbmiting writing to critque circle, it’s a good way to get feedback on your stories

What are you talking about Adris is a high-quality writer that knows how to write dialogue with quotations marks and never forgets them. He also never makes any grammatical errors and shows instead of tells

From the stuff I read (not much), and the stuff I skipped over, his grammar is terrible. He does not use quotation marks ever, and his formatting is awful. But he has good story.

I’ll use this in the future.