The Crimson Demon

yep it’s him, rupe.

less finished version (no shadows + funky fire)

I’m including this version too bc I liked the blood


lemme post some of the sketches I made lately too

this is pretty much the moment after averill lose his arm, so yeah (it's just the blood dripping from the missing limb)




who dat

fire curse user back in aa

rupin’s quote:
“enough island rating, time for the durability test”
and then he just roasts the whole place


we do a little burning and torturing, just a lil

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this is fire

no pun intended

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roopon my beloved (as in “I want to beat him up”)

Rupin do be bleeding though.
He should really use his fire curse to stop that.
Blood loss isn’t healthy.

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nice art

this guy better give me his pauldrons in AR

can’t also fire clear bleeding? having fire curse is literally being bleed-proof

I’m pretty sure that curse users can’t bleed anyways because they’re not exactly human from the point that they absorb the curse.
They’re an effective immortal, that have no need for a circulatory system, if they did then melee weapons would work on them and their curse form would be instant death.

Hmmm… interesting

So the art isn’t actually a crazed and injured Rupin, its actually a still-crazed Rupin who has brutally murdered somebody with a blunt object and is covered in his opponent’s blood.
And they’re loving every second of it.


I still have no clue who the fuck Averill or Rupin are and I’ve been playing AA for 6 years.


lmao ok