The Curse of a Million

“So, Sandal, why are you here?”

“I think I’m cursed.”

“Why,” asked the therapist with curiosity.

“Well, everyone has some kind of magic they align with. Divanochi has magma, Vetex has lightning, Cryo has ice, and so on. I’m the Man of a Million Magics, I have a million to choose from, but somehow, I can’t even choose ONE!

The therapist inclined further, before asking:

“Well, what do you think on choosing?”

“Well, Blaze is super-cool, but Pressure is really cool too, but then shadow and wind are also really interesting…”

“Well, I th-”

“But then fire is so DRIPPY, but explosion too…”

Sandal continued alternating between various magics, the magic logo on his shirt changing to match each one as he continued his questioning of himself.

“and lightning is so fast and strong, but then-”




“Oh, alright.”


“Well, maybe I am just that. Maybe I’m not the Man of a Million. Maybe…I’m just a man. Maybe that’s all I am.”

“Maybe it is”, agreed the therapist.


“Maybe you are just ‘a man.’ The Man of a Million. Maybe your magic isn’t just one, maybe it’s all one-million of them? Maybe that’s your true “calling”, your true magic?

“Yeah…I never thought about it like-”

*Instantly, Sandal found himself standing in a grass valley, right before he could have finished his sentence, and to his utter shock. Then, a bolt of dread struck him across his brain. His free therapy trial had expired, and he had been permanently banned from the forums. He collapsed in utter horror at the sheer thought of it in complete, unyielding disbelief."

“No…NO…this…this can’t be…”



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Sandal Gets Forced To Touch Grass

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