The Death of Olympus news

Yeah so uh @Dim decided to give owner to @c47 a member of helios and spearbreak.

Now if you’ve been in either servers for at least a day you’d already know the fate of Olympus news.

For the many here that don’t, it’s now guild hub 2 until further notice

So goodbye Olympus news

Hello, Olympus Bant. 🗻 Olympus ฿₳₦₮Ꮥ 🗻

why is it guild hub 2

why is there the need for a second one

Didnt the first guild hub server close or something



Please put a loud sound warning before posting something loud


why is @c47 broken

it was a poll, the members decided, not him

honestly i knew he’d do some weird shit but not fuckin completely ruin the whole thing.
arc would have been a functionally better choice, but 47 was just more popular.

you’re an idiot for using a voting system in a server filled with people who want to burn your server lmao

i’m not even trying to be mean i have no idea what you expected