The Eclipse Authority Recruitment [TEA] Rookie Guild (Working on guild upgrade in game)

Guild Name: The Eclipse Authority
Guild Status: Light
Guild Owner: The_PotatoFighter [Chris Banks]


The Eclipse Authority, is a light guild in World of Magic, aiming to maintain peace and order.

Our commanding system currently consists of the Commander , who is the founder of the guild, and the Council , responsible for voting on major changes to the guild. Beneath those ranks are the Admirals , who host warfare events, and the Arch Admirals , who overseer the actions of the Admirals , acting as military generals. Troopers , who are at the bottom of the commanding system are the main military force of the guild, guided and moderated by elite members, the Captains .

The Eclipse Authority also offers different divisional units, each specialising in a specific field of combat. The Lunar Unit specialises in combative support, and the Solar Unit specialises in rapid-response. Additionally, the Equinox Unit specialises in patrolling, while the Solstice Unit specialises in advanced PvP.

Although we don’t offer intense PvP combat training sessions, or insanely active communities, we do hope to provide a friendly, and welcoming community. Our guild does aim to host at least seven different events per week, including World of Magic PvP sessions, streams, and game nights.

If you feel like you want to join our guild, or simply scout it, feel free to DM me at “:crossed_swords::potato:Potato​:potato::crossed_swords:#5983”, or feel free to join the discord link below. There are minimal requirements, including the necessity to read our documents, including the Code of Conduct and Divisional and Promotional Information , and the basic requirement of needing to be relatively active.

Discord Username: :crossed_swords::potato:Potato​:potato::crossed_swords:#5983
Roblox Username: The_PotatoFighter
World of Magic Name: Chris Banks
Discord server:

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