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The_elment's Whimsical Estate
convenience 5.0 10 fairness 5.0 10 trustworthiness 5.0 10

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Sunkens sunkensword

Weapons & Armour
Type Sword Chestpiece Boots Helmet
Clean 1 1
Strong 1 1 1

Rare Scrolls & Gear Scroll

Scrolls & Weapons
Type Pulsar Axe-Slash Vindicator Poison Dagger Enchant Scrolls
Clean 10 19 4
Strong 2 21
Bursting 4
Swift 4
Hard 2
Amplified 8
Nimble 4
Sturdy 5
Luring 7
Lucky 7
Magnetic 3

Boss GearScimitars

King Calvus
Type Triasta Chestpiece Boots Mantello Crown
Clean 9 2 1 1 2
Strong 2 1 1
Swift 1
Hard 1
Lady Carina
Type Gi Leggings Pauldrons Faulds Bracelet
Clean 3 2 2 1 3
Strong 1 1 1
Swift 1 1 2
General Argos
Type Halberd Lance Chestpiece Boots Helmet Cape
Clean 2 6 1 4 2 3
Strong 2 1
Hard 1
Type Robes Boots Faulds Amulet
Clean 2 1 2
Strong 1 1 1
Swift 1
Hard 1 1
Lord Elius
Type Scimitars Thunderspear Stormcaller Chestpiece Boots Cape Shroud
Clean 3 3 1 1 1
Strong 1
Bursting 1
Swift 1 1 1
Hard 1
Amplified 1 1
Nimble 1 1

Seasonal Selection bumkin

2020 Halloween
Type Headless Headband Hallowed I Hallowed II Mini-Cauldron Omen Mask Skelly Hat Death Crown Pumpkin Fedora Haunted Chain Candy Beanie Body Wraps Leg Wraps Head Wraps Crow Candy Bag
Default 4 2 2 1 1
Brown 1 1
Cobalt 1
Lime 1
Magenta 1
Orange 1
Purple 1
Red 1 1
2023 Easter
Type Valkyrie Lanterns Sunbloom Egg Coconut Egg King’s Egg Cannon Egg Egg of the Sky Egg Statue Alchemy Egg News Egg Snowman Egg Golden Egg Asteroid Egg Champion’s Egg Egg of the Abyss Forest Egg Cursed Egg Samurai Egg Bronze Egg Frosty Egg Shark Egg Spider Egg
Clean 3 3 3 3 3 4 3 3 4 3 3 3 5 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

Uncommon Items Amulet

Arcanium items
Type Arcspheres
Clean 1Ma, 1Fi, 1As, 1Cr
Strong 1Ma, 1Ex

Legend: Pl = Plasma, Ma = Magma, Me = Metal, Fi = Fire, As = Ash, Cr = Crystal, Ex = Explosion, NA = Unattuned

Fair Amulets
Type Power Defense Atk Size Atk Speed Agility Intensity
Clean 5 7 5 6 5 6
Strong 3
Bursting 1
Amplified 1
Mini-Boss Items
Type Kai Sabre Merlot Claws Merlot Dagger
Clean 2 1
Strong 2 1 1
Bursting 1

Currently available Galleons to trade: ~30k

Contact & Other Info

Generally, I am willing to sell pretty much any of my items for galleons excluding sunkens, seasonals or items I don’t have many of.

Disatisfactory customers

Reserved for scammers, shady, &/or untrustworthy people.

@/killerdead aka Cloak
@/Lost aka LostIdeals

Contact info

The best way to contact me is to private message me through the forum or reply to the thread, you may contact me on discord (Dibs#0248) aswell, to share a server with me I suggest you either join the official clan hub or the Gravy server, as I’m banned from vetcord. :point_down:

Gravy & Clan hub invites

Arcane Odyssey Clan Hub
Grand Navy

In addition to the information above, it may be wise to keep in mind that I’m in an European timezone (GMT), so if you’re living in the US and it’s 8pm or so for you, that would be 2-4 am for me.


Hi yes I have returned, I would very much appreciate feedback on my shops formatting, and if it’s better or not than my old shop if you saw my legacy shop! :+1:

@Divanochi can you make this topic a wiki, please?

P.S: Am I stupid or were table of contents removed?


hello welcome back!

formatting is very nice but what’s going on with the cooking service section lol


If you mean it looks too flashy maybe you’re right, I’m just gonna make it so it underlines 1 or 2 words. Thanks for the feedback & trade!!

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You could join the odyssey feed server since a decent amount of forumers are there

Thing is if it’s just forumers there then like it’s not really worth since any forumer there will just pm me here, also the forumers you see talking here don’t usually trade at all. The reason I want to be in vetcord is bc theres a fair amount of people who exclusively talk through discord, but never really having any worthwhile trades anyway so meh.

In my experience they’re just free value (they will give anything for a commodore kai saber)

Hi noob


@Nuclearman7 Hey mr fart, can you tell me your opinion on calvus drops? They’re value is kind of confusing to me and a bit twisted since I personally find him super easy and don’t have a hard time getting plenty of drops for him, so I can’t really grasp how the average player sees his drops (hence why I made that survey topic).

Even when I’m trading a piece for pulsar/axe-slash I’m not confident it’s worth unless I only have 1, what do you think their value is compared to pulsar scrolls for example?

Is silent blades like worth anything I got it from merlot by accident lol :skull:

(doubt it tho since they’re so comically easy to farm)

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Most valuable boss drop for sure
Only boss drop that can really be traded for sunkens tbh
Theyre worth like 2 of any other boss drop and are about equal to any seasonal (except headless ofc)

I’m honestly not sure, it seems to me that there’s more demand for kai sabres though. Tbh for items like these there’s not many trades on the marketplace so it’s kinda hard to grasp their value.

I def wouldn’t do this personally, I’d much rather have calvus drops over seasonals if they can only give me a 1:1 ratio, Ik that’s just me though.

So if they can be traded for a sunken, would you say something like 4 calvus chestpieces for example would be worth sunken legs? Or would you say more or less?

I own a kai sabre on my warrior file though it’s probably wiser to not trade it since it’s ya know pretty OP.

Also I just discovered I have carina armbands on my mage file, I do not remember obtaining this lol :sob:

(though it’s possible since I beat her up so much for fun)

is that worth anything?

So far people have been trading an entire calvus set + adds (sometimes more calvus pieces) for a single sunken piece
So imo way more

One dm convo well nice to see you back for you to say the most comedically gay shit you can think of

It’s comically easy to grind, I mean I got 4 in the span of just a couple hours of grinding cuz I was leveling up my 2nd slot. As for the carina pauldrons or whatever they seem to be used by a somewhat decent amount of people in their builds, but from what I can tell they don’t have much demand. It’s possibly better to use them to trade in-game.


Hopefully I don’t say shit so stupid I regret it and embarrass myself again, a little bit of cheeky fun is fine though.

I love commodore kai sabers because they’re pathetically easy to get but most people are heros so they’re valuable

Notoriety doesn’t even matter at all unlike wom since it can be reset easily even if you’re a bad rep at silver hold (or if you’re a good rep at whitesummit), the deckhands have ridiculous requirements for minimal benefits anyway so cba to grind for them.

Btw I wanna make a new section for arcanium items, but I don’t know all the enchantments for cannons and rams, if someone who knows can tell me that would great!

Notoriety is an ADVANTAGE because you get more sealed chests

That too I guess, but what I meant was that it doesn’t matter if you’re super high rep or super low rep like it was in wom, you can just reset it within 2 mins unlike wom where it would take literal hours if you had 15 criminal records or whatever