The_elment's Whimsical Estate

The_elment's Whimsical Estate
convenience 5.0 10 fairness 5.0 10 trustworthiness 5.0 10

Maybe I’d agree depending on how many eggs you want

Sorry, already got a deal for all my sunkens.

The person I was trying to trade with misinterpreted my deal, so apparently, it did not work out. What easter seasonals would you offer for a sunken piece?


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Best I can do is an Asteroid egg and 3 other random eggs for a chestpiece Ig

Sorry, no can’t do that.

Can I give you 8 eggs for ur sunken chest? (x2 what u offered me)

Well again the sunken chest is reserved as one of the items in the prize pool in the tourney I’m gonna host with box in july (entrance might start by next week or at least the announcement IDK)

also I offered a low amount cuz I kinda changed my mind but decided to offer some sort of amount anyway

Alr, ty.

at times like this i wish there was a script or something that could watch your inventory and automatically do updates for u :smiling_face_with_tear:

Go join it starts in july 1st (tomorrow is june not july)!!!

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