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The_elment's Whimsical Estate
convenience 5.0 8 fairness 5.0 8 trustworthiness 5.0 8

Hard Cernyx Boots for Fair Power Amulet + Fair Intensity Amulet?

Can you add anything else?

I’ll add a Hard Ravenna Apostle Bracelet if you can add drippy boots(any common item that’s drippy enough)

Sorry for the long response, but what would you consider “drippy” as boots? Idrk what you mean but I do sell my boots ocassionally so I don’t think I have many common booties

Wheres the headlesses/seasonals section smh

Kinda been putting it off since I don’t have a list of all of them plus I’m a bit poor in them so it wasn’t high on my priority list, but it’s good you reminded me, I’ll add it later

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Clean sb for clean sh and clean elius spear? :niceman:


Sure, when can you hop on?

All the way tomorrow :troller: about 19 hours

That’s fine, I won’t be available for a while in an hour myself aswell, although 19 hours by now is right in the middle of when I sleep, is it fine if you can do it earlier/later?

I can in 19-23 hours

School and timezones is a bitch man

23 hours will work but I’ll have to set an alarm to make sure I wake up or something lol since I could wake up 20-40 mins later than that. (imagine setting an alarm for ao :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: )

Trust me I experience a large amount of pain when trying to trade or interact with people from the NA region…

1k + one argos drop for a strong power amulet? only things i don’t have are the cape and leggings

No thanks, I’ve seen better offers for power amulets so I’ma decline.

like what?

Like an axe-slash scroll + fair intensity amulet among some others :woman_shrugging:

Added. Can you let me know what seasonals I forgot to list? Since there’s 2 apparently that I’m missing and I can’t find it anywhere in anyone’s shops or anyones inventories…

i think youre only missing halloween bags

Ah, I remember adding that, but I was doing a bunch of changes so I guess I forgot to re-add it when deleting stuff. Thanks!!

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