The Empty Patch Notes

Did anyone ever theorized/wonder if the empty patch notes we had before had some very secret content added along with it or just empty patch notes with nothing else to add? It’s too weird to be a mistake imo because I’d imagine he’d fix it even after starting the next patch notes.

It’s just 4 patch versions that has this iirc, so yeah, Thoughts?


I thought the same as well, although I find it bizarre how he would go through the effort of having an empty bullet point to show that some progress was made on secrets, when it could just not be brought up.

I’d assume its a way for testers to know there was something added, but eh they can be easily informed in private discord chats

Guess its just the secret content vetex was talking about

Super secret update Pt1: Added boobs

Boobs and Mimhere Island secretly added in empty patch notes

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