The Event

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Anyways lets begin.

Out in the ocean resided a small island. On this fateful day the dragon living on this island would discover something very interesting. Getting up from the pond in the main antechamber he began heading towards the door when he remembered his jewelry. “You know maybe I won’t wear it today,” the dragon decided. Reaching up to his horn, he felt the horn ring he always wore, “I’ll keep my git from Frost though.”

As the dragon went to leave, the doors opened and a voice sounded from a speaker, “Good morning Spectator, I hope you slept well.

“Yes, computer, How is the island doing today?” inquired the Spectator as he walked down the castle halls.

The island is thriving as always, the turtles have arrived for egg-laying season,” Answered the computer in her robotic tone.

Side-stepping a cleaner drone hurrying past, The Spectator replied, “Good. Anything interesting happened on the planets last night?”

I can think of two things that might spark your interest,” answered the computer, “On Planet R-340 a noble renowned for his advances in technology was assassinated by a felinor, and -

“Tell me what else later I want to see this ‘felinor’ on the globe,” interrupted the Spectator. The dragon quickly continued down the hall into the Globe room.

The Globe Room was one of the biggest rooms in the castle, smaller than the artifact collection, the hanger, and the three were dwarfed by the library. Inside the globe room sat a control panel attached to a giant platform measuring 60’ by 60’ which displays a planet above it. Currently it was displaying planet A-1.

“Computer display planet R-340,” ordered the Spectator.

“Displaying planet R-340,” informed the computer. A second later the giant globe shifted to represent the planet in a more 3d model then a normal globe could.

“Zoom in within 400 feet of the Felinor. Use flat plane display,” ordered the Spectator. The scene shifted as it spun the globe and then zoomed in on a point revealing a 400 foot by 400 foot square on top of the platform in 3d detail. “Highlight mammals.” The first thing the Spectator noticed was on the edge of the map, a man and bloodhound were walking up the side of a hill leading to a very large oak tree. Inside of the oak tree was the felinor. The Spectator hopped up onto the pedestal and walked through the hologram towards the very small felinor who seemed to be getting ready for a confrontation. A single tap on the felinor’s head with his claw displayed her name. “Hawk. Didn’t the Dragon Warrior mention her a couple days ago?” Inquired the Spectator.

He mentioned her 8 years ago, Spectator,” responded the computer.

“Well then. I’m going to watch this confrontation,” sighed the Spectator. “What was the other thing that happened?”

On planet J-68, The Dragon Warrior slew the Great Lizard,” informed the computer.

“WHAT?!” yelled the Spectator, “I’m going to flay that man alive!”

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