The Fate of the Forums

I am conflicted on either keeping up with AO or completely staying away from it that way I don’t get spoiled, but it will take months after release for me to get my pc so it probably doesn’t mean much to stay away

I think I’ll watch the forums from afar for a while and patiently wait for the absolutely inevitable shitshow that is the flood of new users (both good and bad) to end.

I’m expecting there to be so many people suspended here within a week of AO’s release but I’ll happily take being wrong about that.


I’ll stay, i’ll probably also mess with the new players a bit lol

these forums are deceased

The more you keep up with it the longer its going to seem to take until you can finally play AO. It’s the same concept as how time seems to pass slower when you pay attention to it constantly.


Well tbh due to all the estimations I kinda “gave up” on playing AO and just enjoyed the concept of what it could be, but my mindset might change when it releases and then what you said would happen

Very true, although there is also that sorta fear of missing some important detail