The forum is gna be deleted after ao releases?!?!?

is dis true or where dah honest fuck did i get dis info from.

where dah honest fuck did you get dis info from


No? The fuck you getting your information from?


if not, then the forum is gna get raided by amateurs like me and gna post topics every second?

only if they find out about it, most people probably won’t go past the game description

most people, cough cough, a lot of people r gna join the forums…

wt if there were a copy of the forum where the new ao players cudnt join and was only accesable to the players who played before ao.

there’s already dozens of ppl that were online back in wom that’ll pop up and if more do come then we’ll just deal w/ it accordingly

there’s been discussion of this and we have an idea on what to do. worrying or making a large group of individuals the “other group” on the forums isn’t smth we want or need.

this is a horrible idea and redundant on so many lvls, the forum party exists for this reason kinda, vetcord and other discs as well. not to mention headless would have to upkeep the originial one and the second one that serves the exact same purpose

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wher did u get dis info from??

Aren’t you a new person though?
That legitimately is not a good idea, as it’ll gradually cause the online playerbase of the forums to dwindle into only those people who are super dedicated and insane
It helps to have new people to introduce new ideas and get a better idea of what new players in the game hope to achieve and do
Plus, what and who would decide the criteria for who stays on the forums anyways.


insanity of the forum…

I would like to remind people that this forum is also to help new players

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mmm yeah

yeah its true

How did you get this information from…