The Grand Debate: SoS vs Kai’s Sabre

Me watching the war in the comments:

Prob SoS, heard people say that it was the most op shit in the game (its pretty good ngl)

oathkeeper >
noclip slashes go crazy

kai’s saber is legit just better

lower endlag on it’s attacks, the attacks are faster, lesser start up, more range, did I mention it’s faster?

If your really so conflicted go ahead and use SoS, but seriously kai’s saber is way better. SoS only succeeds with it’s TP dash move that deals like 20 more damage, but the ranged skill is useless. I’d rather use the katana for a better ranged and TP dash skill.

or you can just use both

depends on what weapons you wanna go for but I like Kai Sabre more (I still can’t decide my weapons)

I use the SoS on my warrior.

Kai’s saber
A bit less damage in exchange for faster skills with less endlag
Sos also requires 150 weapons while kai only requires 130 meaning the only builds ypu can really use sos on is conjurer and warrior so saber just better

Just give me a couple hours to work out what SoS stands for and I can give you an answer

Scimitars of storm

Oh Scimitars? I still haven’t gotten a pair

Worse kai’s saber

Flying Slash > Twin Crescents. Way faster cast and less endlag in exchange for slightly less damage.

Flash Strike >= Mirrored River. Flash Strike feels faster but has less of an obnoxious AoE. About even, though I personally prefer Flash Strike.

I’d say Sabre wins, but Scimitars aren’t bad.


Don’t you need 115 strength for Argos weapons

115 for the third skill on halberd. The first two are 80 and 95

theyre both relatively the same but id say kai sabre is better because flying slash is extremely easy to hit (twin crescents isnt hard to hit either but flying slash is just massive) and doesnt lock you in place as long as twin crescents, and flash strike feels like it has a lower end lag havent gone out of my way to compare tho

Use both and just spam TP to become the most annoying warrior / conjurer on planet earth

Kai’s Sabre 100% for me, I just cant use SoS Projectiles + I dont like the keybinds on SoS

i don’t know why but it feels like SoS would be better on conjurer while the kai sabre feels like it’d be better on a warrior
flying slash is faster and probably better because of that though

im gonna revive this now that a few updates have passed