The Kingdom of Ithíllien

{The Kingdom of Ithíllien - Guild Recruitment}

Guild Name: The Kingdom of Ithíllien
Guild Status: Neutral
Guild Master: Celeste Clay


Hello! We are The Kingdom of Ithíllien, and which you might have seen our guild status of being neutral! That means we support and accept both light and dark rep users! We also have no activity quota or level requirement meaning this guild is simply a chill group of people wanting to play WoM together. We occasionally host other game events playing other games for fun; or hosting tournaments for a huge sum of crowns, or rare items. Even more so of events raiding villages, grinding together even fishing! If you just want a laid back community of people to play with The Kingdom of Ithíllien is for you.

Currently we have a total of 86 members and growing fast.
The Kingdom of Ithíllien is the same as The Council except renamed

We’re also currently allied to Ashes of Valcrest
We are aware that there will not be a neutral option when guilds are released thus we’ll become both a light and dark guild.



You can either copy and paste this link into your browser search engine; or just use the code at the end to join a new server.


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