|The Masked Ones| Recruitment

Guild Name: The Masked Ones
Guild Status: Dark
Guild Owner: zaveon8999| Zeke Barion

-(Lvl 15 REQ)

We host raids, Movie nights, Executions, etc. (explained on discord).
-We were an official guild within the Arcane universe. We have been silenced for so long and it’s only now that we shall rise. You can find our guild on the World of Magic Forums. There, you’ll find more information about us. DM @Dystopia#6468 to join and receive an invitation. Let us bring back the dark ages once more! There are certain requirements needed to join our group it’ll be said on the discord. We’ll be having raids against Light Guilds. We will strike fear into our enemies only with your help.

discord: https://discord.gg/CwjrskA 4
Roblox: zaveon8999

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