The Minotaur Crash

This took longer than expected but I did my best to make it look nice.


Here is the process of this piece. I have a video too which shows everything but it’s like 4 minutes long. I referenced LittleShrekSheep’s design.


Poor magic council scouts their deaths are inevitable

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It’s rough out there in the Whispering Forest

Wait- how did you upload that sir?

There’s an option to record the process of your procreate art. I exported it to my phone then to my pc where I uploaded it to streamable.

Do you need to upload it to your pc or can I do that from my phone?

Might need to be pc because there is no option to upload from your photo library. You could still test it out and stuff. This is my first time doing something like this.

You can do it from your phone. Files encompasses gallery (at least for me)

not sure how you get it to upload the video straight tho (as in just the video, no link)

Ohh thank you, I am not sure either but I will look into it.

Top 10 pictures taken moments before disaster

Looks good! I like the dynamic pose of the Minotaur :slight_smile:

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