The murderer gamemode is fundementally flawed

ok so basically
in a typical murderer gamemode, there’s 1 murderer and 1 sheriff, and everyone else is innocent
this means that only 2 people out of probably 6+ people will have actual shit to do
the rest of the people will just walk around aimlessly, and the only way these people can have any chance of fun is to get the gun if the sheriff dies

An evidence system which can cause the innocent team to instantly win can give the murderer more incentive to kill along with the bystanders having more things to do.

The worst part is that most of the time you have to wait forever just to get a role, even people who just joined the server get it while you don’t. I think this is why the concept of Among Us became so popular because people had actual stuff to do. I’ve been playing murder games for years on Roblox so I think I’ve actually grown to have the capacity to wait for a role ;-;

I wish murder mystery 2 was more like gmod murder than the type of shit we have on the platform now.

There’s more action and interaction. There isn’t people spamming the chatbox telling everyone who the murderer is.

When you’re selected to be an innocent, you can also gain evidence around the map to have a single shot revolver that can help kill the murderer.

the only thing MM2 has going for it is its trading scene, take that away and you get a bland game

not to mention that whenever you kill someone as the murderer the whole “Mystery” aspect goes away because some random 5 year old got salty about getting killed and decided to tell who the murderer is in the chat

it’s pretty easy to fix these issues anyways
don’t let people alive see dead chat, then give innocents something to do to counter the murderer

but noo the devs want “NEW CHROMA KNIFE”

This is why I prefer Mafia or Amogus

have you played traitor town? thats like a way better version of that type of gamemode

yeah it really is.

just wandering around is boring, you might as well afk and watch a movie

Twisted murderer was like the best murderer game on roblox before the developer decided to neglect it and never touch it again lol.

(This was in older roblox though like before filtering enabled was even a thing)

twisted murderer? wasnt that like the same thing? i’ve played it a few times long ago :fr:

It was a lot more fast pace and had really cool knife abilities at the time and was basically ahead of its time in that roblox age. The maps were also like more open and you could tell who the murderer was right away and it was basically like an arcade mode.

Now days the game is ruined though with like exploiters in every lobby and toxicity since it hasn’t been updated in years.

ah, i see
anyone remember murder mystery 1? i think i played it once or twice back when it was popular (not too sure, though)

I didn’t really realize this lmao but yeah waiting to get sheriff or murderer is a pain while being innocent there really isn’t anything to do.