The Myrad will burn

Just a thought I had. In history libraries sadly aren’t preserved and there is always a trend to burning them. Especially since this has every book ever written. I just want to know your ideas on this take.

Your Opinion?
  • The library will probably burn down or some other catastrophe.
  • The library will be just fine.

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I will protect the books with my life!

someones going to ‘accidentally’ press q.


this reminds me of what the mongols did…

mfw i burn the whole collective history of humanity that was put in one place (they did not think to make copies)

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Then you will die to my blade

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Idk It would kinda look nice on fire. but imagine the people who havent gotten to that point in the story just walking around and reading

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Mongols be wildin

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genghis did nothing wrong :triumph:

bold of you to assume the fire magic user community wont just burn it down ourselves

I will camp there and kill anyone who tries

you will have to defeat all 1 billion of us

Pulls out radio. Plays Doom Eternal soundtrack
Bring it.

itll be fine in the story but im gonna burn it down on my own

So you’re saying somebody will pull a Library of Alexandria? It would probably be the Order because they don’t want people finding out about certain things.

This is like, Ray Bradbury’s Book, Fahrenheit 451




On one hand, I don’t think it’ll be completely destroyed by the story.

On the other hand, I’m going to be using explosion magic so the library is going to be destroyed.
(luckily they made copies)

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still perfect