The Odyssey Recap - Clan Shenanigans

The Odyssey Recap

The very first instance of The Odyssey Recap is here!
The Odyssey Recap is a kind of news article which, like the name suggests, is intended for revisiting changes or interesting activities which happened over the last week or so.
This is somewhat similar to Cryonical’s ‘The Odyssey Feed’, but since there has not been a new Odyssey Feed article in a couple of months, I thought it would be interesting to make one myself.
I am planning to write an article every week or so, but I might change it to every 2 weeks depending on the amount of patchnotes and community interaction.
I was actually planning on publishing this on Sunday, but I got distracted by some other things, so now you’re getting it on Monday.

That’s enough of an introduction I suppose. Now it’s time to get to the first part of the article!

The patchnotes and sneak peaks

Over the last week, there have been quite a few interesting patchnotes and a couple of leaks as well. Since this is the first Odyssey Recap I’m writing, I will include patchnotes from a bit earlier as well, since it would feel weird to begin in the middle of an update.
Anyways, let us begin the patchnote recap. :nod:

Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 13.03.39

First off, we have the beginning of the work on the clan building feature! This patch introduces the building tool. The function and design of the tool have been explained pretty well, and it forms a solid foundation for the later additions.

This patch is pretty long and adds quite a few things. So let’s number them to get a clearer picture.

  1. 3 new Dark Sea armour sets, designed by SelloutJNT and added by Xxael.
    The armour sets are presumably called the Sophragos set, the Dromeas set, and the Diatrys set.
    We don’t know for sure what stats these sets will give, but we can hope that they’re more useful than dark bronze.

  2. 1 new regular armour set made SelloutJTN and Xxael as well. This set is called the Pirate Lord’s set and can be obtained from normal chests. It’s probably a higher level set, however this is just pure speculation so take it with a grain of salt.

  3. 2 new build options, being the “Regrow Space” and “Clear Space” options.
    These are pretty self-explanatory, with “Clear Space” allowing the player to remove certain objects, and “Regrow Space” allowing the player to bring the removed objects back.
    These changes will be able to be saved once saving is added, and get reverted once the island is unclaimed once more.

  4. The return of a feature! Buildings, when destroyed, will now fall apart again how they used to back in WoM and when AO released its early access. This was temporarily removed because it caused a lot of lag, but it’s seemingly making a return due to new optimisations. Let us hope this makes it into the next update :nod:

Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 13.27.48

Skipping forward one patchnote (v1.16.22 didn’t add much) we have another massive one.
This version adds:

  1. Saving and loading for buildings. Each player in a clan gets a personal slot, tied to the island they’re currently claiming, which allows them to save and load a build they’ve made.
    If the player is a co-leader or leader of the clan, they get access to saving their build in a clan save slot, which is a save slot which every player in the clan is able to load. If you’ve loaded a clan save slot, you won’t be able to save a personal slot, and vice versa.
    I can already see big clans designing whole castles for every claimable island :frhigh:

  2. More additions to the building tool! 4 new features have been added to the building tool, namely animations, text which tells you what slot you’ve loaded, text which tells you if there are unsaved changes, and a button which allows you to unclaim an island.
    Quite a few good quality of life improvements, especially with that last one :nod:
    Gone are the days where you have to rejoin a server just to unclaim an island!

Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 13.40.56
Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 13.41.33

Wow, another large patchnote, Vetex truly has been busy.
This patch note has one of the best quality of life changes in quite a while.
That being the change where items found in chests count towards item collection quests.
Now quests like Enizor’s ‘collect random stuff’ are way more bearable and require a lot less travelling to complete.:fr:

Along with this change, there’s also a new feature which allows people ‘destroy’ waves. This can be done by repeatedly shooting a wave with cannons or ship attachments, which allows a lot more cooperation while sailing the Dark Sea.
But you should probably be careful with the ship attachments, since you might aggro a couple of giant sharks while you’re trying to defeat the ocean :frpensive:

This patch also adds a few new features related to notes! Every 5 ingame minutes, the amount of appraisals you got during that time on your notes is added up and you’re given 10 galleons for every appraisal! It’s a rather simple reward, but it should be good enough to encourage people to write good, funny or meaningful notes. (we’ve been given no information wether negative appraisals also give this reward, or if it just gives nothing)
Along with this, there’s a new statistic for the cumulative amount of note appraisals received! Players get a new title and badge depending on the milestone they’ve achieved, further incentivising the creation of good notes. :fr:

Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 13.57.21
We’re back to more clan building!
It’s a somewhat smaller patchnote this time, with only a few new features, so there isn’t that much to say.
The team building feature reminds me a lot of the ‘Build a boat for treasure’ build together feature, but without the sharing of blocks. I can totally foresee this leading to a few incidents a little later down the line, but it also seems rather fun to build together with a few friends :frhigh:

Some more specifics for the clan building feature :nod:
The terraform feature will probably be pretty cool, but I do hope that vetex adds a way to have a bit of variation in the terrain height, since it would be pretty boring if it’s just locked at one height. (this is foreshadowing btw)
Perhaps an option for 90 degrees rotation increments would be nice, since it might be somewhat annoying to have to press r twice with the highest increment being 45 degrees.
The ‘all clan building costs galleons’ was to be expected, with the change to the clan treasury, now we just have to figure out how much everything costs…

A couple of cool building additions and QoL changes regarding claiming and building.
Of course Vetex would add a limited range to building, but I do like to imagine a bunch of testers turning the Bronze Sea into the Bronze grasslands. :frpensive:
The terraforming parts being fragmentable sounds pretty interesting. I wonder if they respawn with a similar timer as well, since that would allow players to create pretty interesting arenas for pvp, such as at Cassia bay.

Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 16.42.45

A little break from the clan building notes, now we have some visual effect changes! All of these changes seem very interesting, especially the explosion magic visual change. If it’s as good as lightning magic’s change, then explosion mages are eating well this update, especially with all the other destruction changes as well. :fr:
The changes to bleeding are quite interesting as well, since the only builds which should have access to double bleed (without gels) currently are conjurer, warlock and (I think) warlord, if you choose ironleg of course. Maybe Vetex has plans to do something with bleed stacking soon?

Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 16.50.48
And we’re back with clan building and a few more general changes.
With the limit to terraforming, there too goes my dream of turning Limestone key into a giant fortress…
It’s not all bad though, since we will also have access to dock building parts! Unfortunately they are under the terraforming tab, so they share a cap with the other terraforming parts. It would probably be better if they’re under a different tab, perhaps decor?
There are also a few new visual changes! Argos’ cape and helmet have both been revamped by everyone’s favourite accessory modeller Astralworks! Flare magic’s icon has also been changed to something we have yet to find out. It might be fun to either start a new file or go to Frostmill as soon as the update drops to see what the new icon looks like. :fr:

Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 17.01.42
A few more, somewhat unimportant changes for ordinary players.
The test universe addition could probably be used for catching bugs regarding the size of attacks a lot sooner, and it could maybe also help with balancing a little bit.
The default rotation is just a nice little QoL addition which would make building so much more enjoyable.
The change to the clan servers is pretty interesting however. After this change, clans with infamy of 25000 or higher can only teleport to clan servers, and don’t get any infamy from claiming islands in regular servers unless there’s 1 or more other clan present in the server. However, getting to 25000 infamy takes quite a bit of time for a somewhat new clan, since nearly all sources of infamy give <100 per trigger. Perhaps Vetex is planning to change something about the amount infamy gained, or it’s just a way to separate the tryhard clans from the casual clans.

And then we’ve reached the final patchnote for this week. (maybe)
This patch note brings terrain which goes on other terrain! Unfortunately the stackable terrain cannot be stacked on top of itself, but it would still be nice to have the option of varying height on your island.
With another change, Vetex has also introduced a bit more incentive to get to the highest rank in the Assassin Syndicate (Asssyndicate) and the Grand Navy (Gravy), by allowing them to create clan slots for the entire faction! This sounds really fun and would give the highest rank some actual power, outside of bragging rights and their player kills statistic. :sleeper:

And that marks the end of the patch notes.
But that’s not everything just yet!
We have also received a couple of sneak peaks.

Such as this one, posted by Vetex in the official discord server.

This image showcases what the UI for the build tool looks like, along with showing a couple of the possible terraform options along with their prices. Shale reef is a quite large island, so the cap of the terraform parts is decently high. 120 parts will allow people to build some pretty interesting things indeed. :fr:
Another thing which stands out are the 3 other categories for placeable items, those being Defense, Civilization and Decoration.
Defense would probably contain things like mortars, cannons, perhaps traps and maybe even ballistas, like in the forest of masts. It could also contain high walls and castle gates, which would be fun to mess around with
Civilization probably contains items like houses, pathways, perhaps stationary ships and farms. These items would most likely be the more important items, which the player would need to protect using the Defense items.
And lastly Decoration. This category would probably contain things like fountains, benches, campfires, tents, railings and plants. These would probably not have anything special connected to them, but it could be interesting if islands had a kind of beauty rating which increases the productivity of structures that generate resources, thus incentivising the player to also decorate their structures.

Vetex has posted a few things on the Patreon as well, showcasing the new building system along with the new armour sets. I won’t be posting images of that here, for obvious reasons, but I highly encourage you to check out Vetex’s Patreon if you haven’t already!

That concludes the recap of the last week! (it was a little further back than that, but since this is the first edition, that’s to be expected)
Now onto the community section!


A small introduction

In the community section, there will be some fun activities and submissions which anyone is allowed to participate in. For now, there will be 3 community sections.

  1. Drip of the week
    Submit an image of your AO drip, and have a chance to be picked as the ‘Drip of the week’!
    To submit an image, type .dripsubmission in the post which contains the image of your character.

  2. Challenge of the week
    A little challenge which can be completed ingame. Those who post proof of themselves completing the challenge under the main post, will be added on a list in the next edition. But be quick, since you’d only have (about) 1 week to complete it!
    Other people can submit challenge ideas as well. They would have to be something fun and accessible to most ordinary players, like ‘help 5 people defeat a boss’ or ‘act as if you’re an npc and trick people into interacting with you’. To submit an idea for an ingame challenge, please include .weeklychallenge in your comment, to make it easy to find.

  3. The riddle
    One of my favourite parts of Cryonical’s Odyssey Feed were the riddles at the end. So we’re bringing them back! You can privately submit a riddle by DMing me with your riddle, and otherwise I will just make one up myself.
    (note: it’s the best idea to make a riddle based on AO)

I would like to add more community activities, but I need a few suggestions for interesting things. If you would like to suggest a community ‘item’, please do that by including .communitysuggestion in your comment, to make it easier to find.
Perhaps an advertisement for certain events might be interesting?

  1. Drip of the week
    Since this is the very first edition of The Odyssey Recap, there won’t be true drip of the week for this one. Instead, I will make a poll with a few (either 3 or 5) of the submitted outfits tomorrow, which people will have a day to vote on.
    (remember to include .dripsubmission in your post, to make it easier to find)
    Considering only 1 person has posted their avatar so far, I’ve decided to just make them the Drip of the week winner.
    @hanmbi, with their cool character! The goggles are one of my favourite accessories in the game, and the crystalline backpack creates a nice contrast between the yellow of the scarf and goggles. Good job! :nod:

  2. Challenge of the week
    Send 3 newer players a free trade which includes:
    1 rare+ meal
    At least 1 piece of armour, suitable for their level (bonus points if it’s a boss drop)
    If they’re using a weapon based build, at least 2 weapons, suitable to their level
    2 free slots, which you can fill with anything you want.
    Along with a nice message of your choosing.

  3. The riddle
    A small container filled with gold,
    to receive its price it must be destroyed.
    They can be found everywhere, from the start to the end of the game.
    Repeated destruction is in vain.
    (gosh I suck at making riddles)

And that concludes this first edition of The Odyssey Recap!
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, and are considering to participate in the community activities.
Since this is the first edition, things won’t be perfect. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!
(This took so long to type out :< . )
(maybe I should say something like ‘Hope you have a wonderful day further’)
(I should maybe make a collection topic for this, but eh, I’ll do that later)
(ps. I totally didn’t start this because I thought I was useless for this community, how dare you suggest that)
(so, anyway, I hope you have a wonderful day further!)


isn’t this literally just the odyssey feed

a pot

is the riddle answer “sealed chest”

what about those above 25k that still need to gain members? then it’d be near impossible to invite others via the traditional means (asking through mail if they want to join)

those pots you find at random places such as elius’ arena or besides some rando house


boss rush - defeat every boss in this order consecutively, so no pauzes in between (must provide mp4): Iris, Maria, Elius, Calvus, Kai/Merlot (if you’re neutral you can choose), Carina, Cernyx, Giant White Eyes
edit: giant white eyes is optional but you get extra points (what are they even for??) if you kill it :3


giant white eyes might be a little too much, since you’d need to get somewhat lucky to find one
but it’s a pretty interesting idea :>

wait hold on i included the last one as a joke lemme edit it

I uh said pots first

oh yeah
I was wondering why you just said a pot without any context, but alright
I suppose I’ll just add both of you on the next one then :>

This is pretty neat keep cooking

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unless the bosses are going to get upgraded stats in the boss rush the only remote challenge would be white eyes for the average max level player (and even that’s questionable)

wrong, the only remote challenge is doing the bosses in that order
without dying
and having to sail across the entire bronze sea 2.5 times

yuh its not that hard to kill all bosses without dying unless you make a major mistake for calvus or maria and those guys are near the start of the boss rush so

We’re so parched of ToF people are doing it themselves

Next will be cannibalism

we got walmart the odyssey feed :joy:
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