The Poor Man's Shop (Closed til AO)

The Poor Man's Shop (Closed til AO)
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Closed for now!
Waiting for AO


Wont all of this just go poof in a few months, if so why are people still trading?

the reimbursement

Do you have heavy WoJ

Apparently they will be replaced/reimbursed with something that will actually be worth it.

Wont that only be for the boss items and sunken crap?

basically stocking up now = profit in the future

sunken wont be deleted and compensated for as far as we know.

Id image he was joking in that screen shot

why? vetex already said before that the compensation would be atleast equal if not better

I wonder what we will get then

same, but like tech said: stock up now. Why? boss drops are easy to get as of rn so turning em into stonks for the future is really pog

Furthermore this is probably one of the best times to be trading in wom ngl

But why tell us to stock up on multpile, will it turn into some sorta rare currency and the people who have boss items and crap get a crap ton to start with based on the boss items (just an idea)

because theyll be more useful and therefor more sought after and more valuable. I dont think youre thinking about it from a trader perspective but only from a pvp and pve perspective

yes i do

How does 4 sunken items and 2 headless heads qualify as poor?

idk, i am pretty poor… legit

That would still be better than around 75-90% of the player-base, financially.

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Youre not. Stop comparing yourself to the big traders only. You are way richer than more than 80% of the playerbase

bro how are you out of chestplates, I have like 15 of the mino and exiled chestplates :frsob:

give then, all I get when I farm is boots, and helms, and weapons… I legit never get a chest piece