The Rangers Guild looking for new members!

Guild Name: The Rangers Guild
Guild Status: Light and Dark
Guild Owner: Hermes Clay and Zachary Ketch


  • A Brand new bounty/infamy hunting Guild here to help your guild grow by cutting down on your competition (by ganking them)
  • Since we are brand new, high ranking members are needed!
  • Casual Guild. Whether you are active everyday or come online once every 4 centuries, it doesn’t matter.
  • Join the guild discord to place bounties on people.
  • (Please be moderately good at pvp, we need to actually get infamy)!
  • Semi democratic. Members get a say in what the Guild does!

Contact - The Legend#6040 or Potpal123#8336



I thought the best was Suncry or Pandemonium lol


It’s creed,noble,latom and the best of all gargle nut

Noble is still ALIVE?


Holy shit. They are actually the oldest guild in the game

Kek or cringe

you still live in 2020? Latom isn’t even in Wom, Noble is powerful but they dead till AO creed also dead till AO , gargle nut is Arcane Reborn not Wom :frsleepin:

nah they aren’t

Well they still exist. So, ha.

im pretty sure noble hasnt even step foot on WoM after the guild update


No they did for a bit, I remember having to fight a couple of them here and there the first couple weeks

they played 3 days after the release got to Rookie then never touched the game again until AO atleast

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