The Sad Fate of Cutlasses in AO

When moving from AA to AO, weapons like Katanas kept their Q attack (flash strike was in both AA and AO), yet cutlasses, one of the most used weapon classes, just became a reskin of swords.
The flying slash was robbed from them and given to Katanas, and I can’t help but feel that cutlasses were unfinished. Anyone else feel this way?

give them a moveset then

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They are pretty much just swords, katanas are much different in both how they’re used and the media surrounding them (This second point the most).

I hope they give cutlass and swords a buff, and seperate them from each other. Cutlasses especially, they look rad but are dogshit

My opinion: No one cares abt cutlasses?

my opinion: no one cares about you darkzoul1234


Q: Flying Cyclone - Send a powerful gust of wind towards your opponent, hitting them multiple times.
E: Unyielding Blow - Leap at the target and send them flying upwards, before jumping up and slicing them multiple times.

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Bruh, my character with second name - Cutlass, rn going to cry.

so tiger rush reskin
actually no thats more like piercing strikes

I’m thinking more like launching them upwards then slamming them down to the ground

thats exactly what piercing strikes does.

Yeah ok
I couldn’t rlly think of much for the second move that would fit the cutlass

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