The Shadows of Yor are recruiting

The Shadows of Yor are a clan of Dark mages looking for new blood. We want members to grind infamy with before the launch of Arcane Odyssey.

The clan is lead by me (DredgenMalleus) and Sol (SnugAndCozy). Within our guild, there are four divisions to choose from:

Reapers - The Shadows’ combative force, and the clan’s primary PvP division. These players must pass a test given by the divisional leader or myself in to gain entry. It is recommended that all entrants have the ability to VC.

Collectors - The backbone of the Shadows’ economy, and the clan’s primary trade division. These players create profit for the clan, supply clan members with weapons and armor, and create partnerships with other trade divisions or individual shops.

Sentries - The lifeline of the Shadows, and the clan’s primary recruitment force. These players are very well-trusted, and are responsible for diplomacy with other clans as well as recruitment of clan-less players.

Invaders - The Shadows’ greatest assets, and the clan’s primary infiltration and information force. These players gather intelligence from other clans and report back to the Shadows’ leadership.

Honestly, we don’t take ourselves as seriously as it seems. We’re just here to do cool shit and have a good time. Anyone is free to join our Discord, even if you’re just there to hang out or trade. We don’t do much right now, but activity will increase as our numbers do.

If you’re interested in joining, message pristine#1496.

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