The snobby egotistical kid from a magic fantasy school challenges you to a duel, how do you beat them up?

Let’s say you’re both students and this ape of a person starts bragging and insulting in front of your face. You make one remark about their eyebrows, they get offended, and he challenges you to a duel.

Sure, they got quite some experience with their spells or whatever, but still 100% possible to wipe the floor with.

Incinerate them with fire bending, end it swift with a hail of rifle bullets, show off by pulling some wild acrobatics like the anime protagonist you are, surrender/decline the duel and everyone will call you a wimp.

You can’t kill them obviously, just rough em up a little to teach a lesson. As a certain sweaty man with a brilliant moustache and sexy teeth once said, “Ya big disgrace, somebody oughta put you back into your place” capisce?

No, no powers that nukes humanity back to the Stone Age, you’re supposed to win in a duel against someone, not bring about the next mass extinction please.


portal their head into a toilet and give them a swirly

Probably would use metal-magic to punch em’ down JoJo style with le fists of steel

refuse and/or run away

i’m turning them into a hamster

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if we are going by shitass anime/ cartoon logic i honestly just have to place a banana peel in a comedic fashion and i instantly win



either BB gun them in the face till they cry for mommy (about 3-4 shots, source: uhhhh) or just stab them with a dull epee and then they cry for mommy

regardless who tf needs magic? they’re the snobby egotistical kid in every single fantasy school, going by that logic they’re also way too rich and are even more fragile than I am

Summons a Jaguar.
Wait That was a mistake.

I mean, if they pull anything, I would prefer to summon a panther because as all educated people know panthers are an anticheating substance

A Jaguar has the strongest bite force per pound out of all the big cats.

I’d dodge all of his attacks until he gets tired and walk away to shame him.
Could really nail it down by ‘dodging’ into an absolute amateur’s attack within the same hour.

maybe he can finally get some character development.

dance contest until someone trips and breaks their skull


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but panthers are a very potent anticheating substance and should be utilized in all competitions to enforce rules

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how do panthers stop cheating?

you wouldn’t get it

maybe sock might? idk?

horizontal pilot command, i get it


Assuming I can perform similar magics as in AO
And assuming there is no such thing as lost and ancient magics.

I break all their attacks with not shatter magic, and if they don’t give up yet, just launch a bunch of ice cubes at them.