The Spear Break Organization [RECRUITMENT]

Been a while since we did this.

This is the spear break organization

We are an average guild aiming for the simple motive of an equal ground where everyone associated within and outside have an equal opportunity of potential.

We host trainings, game times, and other events.

Or rather we will be eleven days from now. For now however our guild is recruiting as many people as possible. Or inviting guests who want to interact with more communities. Either way we’ll be welcoming your services with us.


Must keep a normal composure while also staying kind. Some people are a bit meaner just be patient and report them to one of the mods if they are going too far.

We do not condone unbearably toxic and hypocritical behaviour. Nobody wants another fat fishe/geko/zephyr in their server.

You also need to have a discord account.

We have a total of 7 legions. Which may sound a bit ridiculous but it was already discussed in the discord server.


Currently only 5 legion leaders own these legions

The Sword Pierce Legion. Owned by abbstruckMC. This is our current most powerful legion. With our members being some of our best. The requirements are to either beat abbstruck or one of the other testers or get them low all 3 rounds.


Spear Market. Our current economic group. Our leader is Grim. And this legion is for trades to give our customers the best experience. Never settle for anything less.


The Spear Forge legion owned by pixocal. This will be perfect for getting into the guild if you failed the actual test. This is a training group comprised of people who would like to train members who failed the test

The Spear Shadow legion. It’s purpose won’t be told here. But will be told on discord.

The Spear Break Cartel. It’s planned to be the most powerful legion as everyone here will be comprised of lost and primordial users. It isn’t exactly released yet as none of them are out yet. But await it’s release.

We also have out of game legions… Well two but still


The Spear Artist legion. Meant for artist. No current owners but we’ve been discussing having pepinoaa being the leader


The Spear Design legion. Planned to be owned by tomithebosslevel if he ever redeems himself. This is where 3d designs are made. Or people who want to help with building.


Our guild currently has 4 allies. That being Kingdom of fire, Burning Pirates, The Silent order, And Omega (Currently not looking for more)

Our guild was created back in november 20th. meaning it has existed for 5 months as of now.

Our guild has went through several names but all share the same purpose. The first one existing back in online fighting.


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Ok, that GIF is awesome.

PRetty sure kof is in war with spear break :niceman:

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How do you join the guild?

Join the discord.

i did