The Ultimate Debate: Conjurer vs Warlord

I need the entire forum to come here with their decision and explain why one is better that the item:


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conjurer, it has bows and guns

warlord stomps without even trying

conjuror deals less damage with it’s imbues

Maybe next upd conjuror will be better, but rn Iron Leg Warlord legit just trashbags them

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Conjurer because the idea of imbuing martial arts into your weapons is kind of dumb

Warlord grants actually good grabs unlike magics snare which isn’t even unlocked until later on. this allows you to not need weapons that have grabs or you can grab and then attack with a weapons main skill.

My warlord file is currently only lvl 40 so I don’t know the true extent to its power.

Is this a joke?

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I would assume so

it was based on bias

The best built minmaxed Conjurers >> Warlord. With access to easy triple or even quad status cycling, Mode abuse, and certain very powerful imbues, you have a decent amount of options as Conjurer to gain an edge over typical Warlord builds.

Warlords also have far, far less options than Conjurer. Only two imbues are viable. When compared to Magic and its fairly wide array of viable imbues that you can build around, Conjurer absolutely clears Warlord in build flexibility.

The average Conjurer build, however, is beaten out by Warlord.

Warlord slams

Slow magic imbues are pointless until next patch.

still less damage since it’s less than a 1x dmg multiplier

It’s a 1.1x multiplier. Higher damage, but running 0.5x speed weapons for a 10% damage buff is not exactly efficient

scrap that actually I forgot metal is 1.0x now, gfg that’s even more useless than I thought

:skull: yeah nty

honestly just go warlord, I’m pretty sure(?) warlord doesn’t get a dmg decrease, from what I’ve seen at least

fs damage multipliers do affect warlord’s imbues but they seem to receive the same 1.1x mult that warlock has and conj is getting next patch, so shit like iron leg / basic combat imbues deal just about the same (or exactly the same?) damage as you’d be doing unimbued, while something like thermo is slightly lower but made up for by the burn (even moreso with intensity)

I see

Warlord, it has bows and guns

Oh, you will love warlord.
Warlord is FUN.

Sailor is a somewhat viable third option and more so in 1.12.

Knocking Fist is a good option when that comes out and Cannon Fist is a massive sleeper pick

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