The Ultimate Hardcore Challenge For Bored People!

Are you bored? Do you have nothing to do in your life and just mindlessly fish for hours on end? Well, let me present to you the Ultimate Challenge!

Here are the rules:
If you break any of these rules, your run will be dead and you must delete your file:

  1. You can not die/get arrested at all. Getting killed by players does count.
  2. You must choose a magic you haven’t tried yet. If you have tried out every magic by now, choose the one you disliked the most.
  3. You can not team with other players during this run.
  4. You must have max bounty by level 10.

If you manage to reach level 80 without breaking any of the rules mentioned above, you have completed the challenge and are a true chad!
(Important! You have post a screenshot of your stats down below! Remember to show of your deaths stat!)

Optional rules.
5. Attack every player you see after you can start PvP-ing. Whether you are allowed to run is up to you. (Don’t be toxic!).
6. Raid a raidable place every 10th level.

Feel free to tell me whether I should add or remove something!

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If anyone completes it, you have to screenshot you lying idiot.

Yeah, that’s true. Thank you for telling me! I forgot that.

jokes on u I only use explosion

Wait how do you prove you didn’t pretend to not die

i mean, if you die there’s nothing stopping you from continuing (other than honour)


yoooo i just realized your pfp is from that one sandbox game idk what its called


just screenshot your deaths along with the other stats, if normal deaths are even tracked

Attempt 1: Paper magic. Failed at level 4 after being killed by a magic council guard.
Attempt 2: Plasma magic. Died at level 1. Killed by a magic council guard.
Attempt 3: Fire magic. Killed at level 1 by the magic council at riverville.
Attempt 4: Shadow magic. Killed at level 1 by climbing with no stamina.
Attempt 5: Acid magic. Killed at level 3 by magic council at riverville.
Attempt 6: Glass magic. Someone started a threat, causing a captain to spawn. Got killed by a level 300 captain at level 1.
Attempt 7: Magma magic. Died at level 3. Killed by a player (who is stupid and ugly)
Attempt 8: Ink magic. Died at level 1 by a bounty hunter. (Their arrows are freaking aimbot)
Attempt 9: Snow magic. Killed at level 2 by a magic council captain.
Attempt 10: Ice magic. Killed at level 5 by a magic council captain.
Attempt 11: Water magic. Killed at level 4 by a magic council captain
Attempt 12: Light magic. Killed at level 1. Glitch that caused council to constantly spawn, despawn, then spawn again made it so that I literally could not go 10 seconds without 20 soldiers spawning on me. Killed by magic council.
Attempt 13: Wood magic. Killed at level 6 by magic council person. I learned a new strategy. If you only take private storages from wilderness structures (boats, magic council captains, etc.) you get a bounty and the magic council doesn’t spawn a centillion soldiers on you.
Attempt 14: Ash magic. Killed at level 9 after getting max bounty. I am very salty.
Attempt 15: Lightning magic.

this seems so unbearably easy yet boring and the only reason you’d lose to this is because magic council captains have autoaim beams that you can’t do shit about, or maybe because the game’s made so that you’re not supposed to survive with a bounty at lvl 1

gonna give it a shot anyway at some point if i feel like it

Getting max bounty by level 10 is hard. You basically have to fight the magic council at level 1.

This challenge is some product of an illicit love affair between the speedrunning and nuzlocke community and that’s disgraceful