The (unnoficial) code of rking

this is the code of the fair rking,follow it to not become toxic while rking,also im not telling you to rk,just some rules
anyways this gonna be with alot of with english error because im brazzilian and english is not my first language,i challenge some regular fix it if have

  1. stop attack one player after it kill you or you kill him,only attack again if it come attack you,so people not complain about spawnkill,a very different thing.

  2. not attack people during boss fights lol,why? because im pretty sure its more annoying than kill all the shopkeeper on a city,that is very annoying.

  3. never be toxic,not talk ez or something stupid,always talk gg because its cool wow

  4. not attack people during 1x1s,team battles, or any event

  5. not be a tryhard,what i mean?,attack people with team,attack everyone who appear on you screen(even low levels etc)spam sunken are examples of try harding(theres is not reason to do things like attack players with a team since there is no bounty or other big prize)the goal for rking is have some fun with pvp,so theres is no good enough reason to tryhard.

  6. NEVER attack people fishing,this will put you instantly on toxic category of rkers,you can ask them for 1x1(them rarely gonna talk no,because people fishing is provably bored as fuck) since them are provably not waiting a fight or are using macro(or you can just push the macro user to the water,if you not approve macro lol)

  7. stop attack if them tell you to stop lol,looks boring,but if you are a villain you can cassually pass on the hometown of this guy to cassualy demolish it house,if you a hero like me,you just sit on grouind and cry

  8. if you are about to being ganked,RUN FOR YOU LIFE AAAAA

  9. follow reputation rules,if you a hero attack only villains,and if you villain you are freaking free do whatever what you want

end woah epic.

also if you losed freaking 99999 crowns when died to a rker,you are extremaly unlucky and same thing would happen if u get killed by a npc or fall on vulcano
and if you get killed 999 times by the same guy,its just a toxic dumbass,rkers are different persons how is even possible have rk on a reputation game

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your shoes are untied

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but im not using shoes

haha rking go brrr

imagine having rules

but didn’t you say that ro-searching was going too far?
Hypothetically speaking, that is a rule, therefore you do have rules. Get rekt retarad :sunglasses:

Shoe magic when?

i rk a lot but if the person tells me to stop i usually do it. i remember one time this guy got mad at me cus he wanted to upgrade his amulet but but i rk’d him so i paid him back cus i felt bad.

nah fuck it

check disc i sent u a msg

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