The weird mobile game that sandal has played for over 2 years

so this is hero wars.

a game I have been playing since around 2018-19.

I took a long hiatus from the game and stopped playing for a while, I probably would have more progress if I did play it more, but here we are now:

so basically I have not the best heroes, but some decent ones.

here’s some asian lady that carries me every game:

i don’t know if this would classify as “weird” but…

i have no screenshots of it but i remember and still play this game called “soul knight”
that has way too much quality packed into it for a mobile only game and also why i still play it, literally nuclear throne but free
its still on the app store and works with bluestacks, it does have dlcs but they can technically be obtained for free once per run with a certain in-game consumable

also it got a collab with dead cells of all things so uh thats cool i guess

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looks fun

is this that game i keep seeing in the god awful ads

oh it is

i used to grind that game on roadtrips and stuff
i was so happy when i unlocked elf to realize it was shit

Elf is actually good when you unlock the skill buff

holy sht a soul knight enjoyer in the wild

i havent been able to play it tho since my phone dont have enough storage :frpensive:

what character do you like best ? i like wizard, her glacier summoning skill is so useful for someone who’s sht at dodging like me lol