There Can Not Be One Without the Other

I would first like to acknowledge @Rlka because I was inspired by their artworks.

Now, I know that Light v Dark is cliche but I was winging this. I even drew stick people because I did not want to draw actual human figures. Also, please don’t mind the cursive–I 've been drawing with a mouse until my pen comes in a few weeks.


If you haven’t already, check out Rlka’s pieces that I was inspired from

you… are… AMAZING!! … I love the way you drew the shadow magic and the moon itself!! Plus this just goes to show that you can make lovely artwork even with stick figures!!..Also I just noticed while typing this…THE SKY IS PRETTY!! I love the amount of stars you added and the lighting on the bottom!! This is just awesome and I appreciate how you were inspired by me to make this…It drives me to do more artwork so thank you!!


Also this kills me that I can’t like everything and i always have to wait :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Thank you so much! I feel so happy reading that! Your work was just so good that I wanted to do something with that feeling. When I was making this I almost quit because I didn’t know where to even begin. Though I am really proud of how the shadow and moon turned out to be.

I don’t enjoy that I have to wait to like stuff too :smile:

How do you draw so well even with a mouse??? If I tried to draw with a mouse it would take me three days and look like a kindergartener’s doodles! Great artwork!

The longer you use a mouse the more you get used to it…I’ve used a mouse for the past 5 years as I drew digitally.

Thank you! If you go to the Vetex’s discord server and look at my first artworks, they are bad :sweat_smile: That was actually when I began doing digital art more instead of traditional. I had to use premade templates or the ones that I draw/then upload to start off.

With practice and time spent more with the mouse, I got use to and became more steady with it.

Yep and wow you’ve been drawing for 5 years :open_mouth:

Digitally (: I’ve done traditional for who knows when, I was probably 7 lol

Dang these likes limit.

That’s so cool! I started traditional in my early teens and the pencil became my best art bud. I really like that with digital I can add some colors though.

Yess! I drew on all my notebooks and it just became a habit. And I totally agree, I can get an art program for free and use all the colors I want rather than paying for so many colored pencils haha. plus its so much easier to put colors in

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I know, it’s still a habit for me now. I have color pencils but am afraid to mess up what I have. :sweat_smile:

Now I really wanna like that but I dont have any likes :sweat: Its so true tho I’m always afraid to mess up, unlike on digital where I can easily ctrl + z and undo it lol

Exactly!! That has been such a lifesaver sometimes.

love the cinematic look, the background and everything, great artwork

Thanks! I am shock and proud of how it turned out.

It’s been 2 months already? Dang

very cool i’d smash