These worth a Bad Enchant Oathkeeper, been farming for months. No luck just yet(Closed)

-Exiled Chest Piece
-Minotaur Armor
-Minotaur Helmet
-Wall of Jerico
-2k Money

These worth a Bad Enchant Oathkeeper? looking for offers.

I think this is barely worth an oathkeeper. It’s definitely worth a bad enchant oathkeeper, most likely a clean one, but definitely not a strong one.

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Edited it ty

Also Which enchant is bad? and its more less worth than a clean?

Accepting any oathkeeper tho. even though its bad

like hoover said your offer is barely worth a clean oath. You could def get a swift or hard oath (these 2 are bad enchants) but not a strong oath (good enchant) for your offer.

Also crowns are worthless so you might as well leave them out of your offer unless the person youre trading with wants them

edit: just to make sure, all of those items youre offering are clean right? if so then what i said above and what hoover said applies

I see, thank you for the advice then :confused:

I had thought Swift was a good enchant for oathkeeper, whileas hard being the bad one.

glad to help ya

the reason why swift is considered a bad enchant is because swift doesnt do much for oaths. Swift’s main purpose is to decrease stamina cost of weapon abilities but with oaths and vastiras the abilities have high startup time and endlag in which you will either regain or lose all of your stamina (its a little buggy).
Tl;dr: swift does nothing = bad enchant in terms of value

I’ll take it :nod:

Sorry for the late response, you will?

For a hard or swift

Swift, I don’t have hard.

That’s good enough, When can we trade?

also send disc?

Hello are you still interested in trading?

i got a swift oath if you wanted, il give you a helm extra too

No, a swift itself is fine, it’s already enough just to be given the offer

Are you currently online? i could trade now

yeah i am, got disc ?


I am, I just had to go to sleep.

my disc is meghantheescallion#8715 if you’re still interested

just add me my ip is banned from vetex dis

title says it’s closed so he already traded or doesnt wanna trade anymore
big oof for u :frcryin:

aghhhh you right :frcryin:

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