They laughed at his words

they called him a fool…

But what if he’s right?

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Right in his dreams

It still boggles my mind that people think that @user4 wasn’t trolling :fr:

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he was trolling about everything except this

How can one even be a “king of the pirates”

Pirates are the equivalent of sea bandits / criminals, there is no real organized structure. There are usually various crews and most if not all the time these crews fight eachother.

To be the “king” you’d have to basically unite all these crews under your will and at that point your not really pirates anymore, especially if they have a “king”.
That’s like calling yourself king of the bandits

And sure you could be the king of a huge crew but like your not really their king your just their captain

So, his dreams will never become true.

if luffy could do it, dan_ultimategamer can too.

Ngl he has a point…