This is me ol Astrea Salore

Hello all! My name is Rework / Astrea Salore! And I’m a Vistarian on my main.
I’m an avid player and at the time of writing this I have 175 hours exactly. I used to be really active in the trading scene and I’m trying to get more involved every update. I am most of the time free to chat and play with others, so just ask! Most of the time I’m a pretty chill person but you won’t find me accepting Toxicity. You may also see me actively trying to get better at pvp, so if you see me in game and want to duel I will probably accept the challenge! As apart of the Salore family I upheld my duty and I am currently amassing my fortunes. See the summary for the Salore House below


(Merchants, business-people, or traders, the Salores are the richest Vistarian house.)

I don’t lend money out and I am very stingy with it :stuck_out_tongue: not even my friends can touch it. Anyway, it’s a pleasure to be in this fine community and I hope to see you around in more posts that I may make down the line.

All you know is that I may or may not be nearing the 100k crown mark

L1.Dc_vi12 welcomes you to the forum.