Thought, if you were an AO balancer, what would you balance out and how would it be balanced?

This thought came up to me when I was talking about dark seas power creep, surge, and the current state of shadow, light, and metal until some odd-ball question came up in my head being if you were a balancer, how would you balance out the game to actually make it fair for pvp/pve/etc like:
Balanced surge:

  • Significally decreased range, still wide. Increases range with smaller surge but skinner
  • Surge wind-up, no damage to begin with but more damage over time (Can still be good in wars)
  • Depletes more magic-energy the stronger it gets (Max is current surges power)
  • Resets status-effect when surge ends or have gotten out of it after few seconds (Since it can stack up easily while doing a crap ton of damage)
  • Weakened gel potency/doesn’t work with specific gels and has a cap of zero for intesity and a cap of 80+ attack size due to it being able to soft-lock users and having incredible size. (Can be seen with sutart’s video with a surge + gale gel, doesn’t need size anymore and you’d actually have to use surge correctly)

Level scaling:

  • All stats is now scaled to your level, if you have too much of a stat it’ll slightly start to decrease it actual stat by 10% → 50%, this is so the level you’re at can actually scale with everybodies. If one tried to min-maxed, the stats as a whole would be decreased thus you actually need to make a proper build.

As in:

you have 150+ power
Converted to: 75+ damage
Then you have 200+ power
Converted to 90+ damage

You have 100+ size and +100 speed attack
Converted to 40+ size and 40+ speed attack
You have 200+ size and +200 attack speed
Converted to 80+ size and 80+ attack speed

So you’d need to go like for example at level 125:
75+ Power
500+ defense
80+ size
40+ attack speed
75+ agility
This way that the stats aren’t gonna be decreased by a lot and you’ll still be powerful and good, just that it’ll be more complicated to deal with and not follow a meta build. This could also make other builds have to use specific builds made for them. Of course there will still be a bit of min-maxing but it won’t be as cancer as having 100+ on trio of size, attack speed, and agility, you’ll need to divide them.

I’d give explosion the greatest nerf of all time.
I’d change the beam effect to be closer to how it was back in WoM to prevent lag.

If you’ve ever seen an explosion 20 beam you know what I’m talking about.

i would buff brutal rush so its not the worst grab in the game.

increased range + grab is garunteed no matter how far away the opponent is as long as you hit it (currently it only grabs if you are extremely close)
slightly nerfed damage to compensate for these buffs

I would give fire its 50% dot back
and probably balance plasma’s dot accordingly

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rework intensity to make it viable and worth investing into for a variety of builds

rework cannon fist to be good and not boring


Give surge worse power scaling (the 10% it had before)

Reduce its range by about 40% but make it spread apart more, by like 20%

Reduce base damage by 10%

For javelin, make it fly a little faster as a projectile.

not gonna i hate the stats scaled to your level lol

:fire::fire:i was cooking peak…

give surge its original pre-90% power scaling nerf :smiling_imp:

Please dont cook that dish anymore, cook whatever you were smoking instead

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I would make turning the size of any attack purely cosmetic outside of changing the shapes.

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buff atk size effect on low tiers so savants can actually use atk size

Actually make the new weapons better. Currently they’re either slight buffs with very little difference or no changes at all aside from being reskins. The new weapons should feel like actual upgrades even if they might be slight they should still be upgrades due to the challenge of the dark sea. Because currently in my eyes warrior got nothing significant (armor is universal not a class specific thing)

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Yeah after seeing how minimal the differences (if not nonexistent) were, I immediately stopped wanting the new weapons

Also we got 2 new minimal skills for 3 weapons types. WHEN ARE WE GETTING ULTIMATES?! Warrior just feels a bit repetitive due to limited skills and i just wish vetex had someone helping him make new weapon skills to make the class feel more complete

Warrior would be so much better if we had the skills we are supposed to have. Maybe too good for right now. We must have patience, or else the balance team will balance us to oblivion

Yeah we already had the vindicator incident which thankfully didnt do much but we got merfed again with the awakening dmg and aoe being reduced from 10% to 5% like seriously? Warrior was fine

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:broken_heart: :broken_heart: :broken_heart: :broken_heart:

Make attack size affect projectile size as well. It’s a little misleading to make a blast look regular sized but have an explosion this size of an explosion spell.

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make ice inflict frozen on snowy targets