Thought on Julius's cutscene

I heard people saying that General Julius is a strong character a while ago because of the cutscene where he divebombs your character. But to me, seeing Julius do that was kinda like watching someone punch below the belt in boxing. It’s like “Really? You had to resort to THAT?” But that’s just what I think of it.

i think he made himself clear.


I think It solidifies the MC a bit, it showed the weakness of the MC and his weak willpower probably due to his amnesia, I mean guy didn’t even try to dodge the General’s incoming attack one bit and just acted accepted his fate. Basically a spit to your face saying that even if you have potential your still going to get your butt handed on a silver plate by someone with ACTUAL PERSONALITY and GOALS because the MC doesn’t have any beliefs or goals or something that solidifies a person.

The fact that he didn’t even try to rebel or do anything while enslaved is also a big factor on his weakness, he has nothing to do and without his friends he would practically be a nobody and would probably not mind being there for a few years.

Even though he said that he’s just trying to do what’s right and trying to live without his past memories he didn’t do anything without orders from others or without being told to do that particular thing, he doesn’t have the ability to choose and to act independently.

Or maybe I’m just overthinking it lol, one things for sure though the MC doesn’t seem to respond well to situations where he is all alone that’s for sure and relies too much on his raw power.


Honestly it’s fucking hilarious; I hope his fight utilizes him turning into glass

he did try to dodge, you can see him running to the left when julius turns to glass. He also couldn’t rebel, because cuffs supress magic and he didn’t have any gear

Doesn’t change the fact that his movement is so miniscule that it can be said he just accepted it and he didn’t even try to get hints or clues on how to escape early while cuffed, he is a literal combatant and he did not attempt to at least try and just mined away lol.

MC is weak on his own and cannot choose for himself.

Uh… you know this is the same guy that Poseidon once referred to as “The strongest will of all legacies”. That’s saying a lot since there is probably A LOT like the MC currently, and don’t even forget about Morden too. MC makes it clear that they just want to do what’s right, even if they become an enemy OF A WHOLE KINGDOM, yeah, they’re not exactly “weak-willed”.

I think you might be overestimating MC a little. I mean, you are basically handcuffed, surpressing your energy, and so is everyone in the mines. And reminder a whole month was skipped, MC may have already looked for ways to escape, but couldn’t. A lot of the people in that dungeon most likely have no clue or hint as to how to escape (I mean, we saw one person that was there for DECADES), guards most likely won’t give you any hints at all and would beat you up… yeah, not much to do here.

Another thing to note about MC is that they’re not exactly… the sharpest tool in the shed. Most likely as a result of the amnesia, but when looking for info about Fort Talos, yeah, they weren’t trying to be subtle lol. That could also factor in as to how they weren’t able to escape.

Of course, you can still disagree with the above, but “weak-willed” being the reason isn’t what one would describe it, especially when the game literally reveals that the MC is the exact opposite of “weak-willed”

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idk how you expect him to try? They’re cuffs bozo

It makes sense that in the short time we were shown the mines, the MC was content to just listen to other people’s stories and do what other people wanted him to do, because that’s what he had been doing on the surface up to that point

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