Thoughts on Arcane Reborn compared to AO

Wondering what you guys thought of the game and what you think will happen to it once AO comes out?

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AR is ass
It will die

Somebody grinded dungeon and got inv wiped by a major bug that is taking ages for them to fix and the community makes the game garbage


Ezia getting wiped every second of every day whenever he does anything for just existing (bug hasnt been patched for a week)

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why compare a 6 year old game to one thats not even out yet

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Why waste time on Lego magic forum

im leaving for a week anyways

It will die, rightfully, after AO releases. Now that does mean that the AR community besides the die-hard “fuck vetex” people will switch to AO so that might be ass due to the toxicity increasing but yea (yes i am gatekeeping and am being a AO purist)

So basically, AR is going to get sent to the same player count AL currently has, unless they try and release some crazy event as a last-ditch attempt to keep their player base, because lets face it, even if AO is ass, It will still probably be PLENTY more fun based on just the leaks and according to what the tester have to say :moyai:

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this viewpoint and opinion still boggles my mind to this day


Idk what the AR purists are doing over there :person_shrugging: bro literally made the game that THEY are playing

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Ar has a pretty good animator now so theres that and they can animate there models really well now

ar is alr dead

AR is a remake of a game from 6 years ago. Even with updates graphics and some better systems than the original, it still doesn’t stand the test of time as well as more modern games. I played it for a couple weeks and found it quite enjoyable, but I’d say my standards are on the lower end personally.

When AO comes out I could see majority of AR players moving to AO, since it’s literally the new and improved version and will outshine it in nearly every way. Though there’ll probably be a few people that continue playing AR cause they genuinely enjoy the game or because they dislike vetex and his work

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AR will be dead when AO is released and then slowly the player count will increase as people might quit AO since they enjoy AR more (like what happened to Rogue Lineage on Deepwoken’s release except probably a smaller recovery).

None of this really matters though since like 100-200 people enjoying a different game doesn’t mean anything

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I don’t think the game will die when AO drops but I think they will definitely lose lots of players.

AR is fine,I’m kinda done with it personally but it’s a decent enough game.

I feel like the toxicity issue is very overstated


People are acting like WoM didn’t have the same issue, and while simply killing doesn’t give infamy in AO there are other systems that promote it like bounty hunting/assassinations, stealing sealed chests (has nobody played SoT or even at least watched a video?), just randomly killing for bounty/fame, etc.

That was only part of the problem, toxicity carried over to the discord and such causing problems


arcane reborn is fine but god knows that it will be overshadowed anyways
the models are still the same
the people who still play it are either diehard fans or people who want to relieve nostalgia
plus ar is NEVER gonna to release 4th sea and mutations meaning we are never gonna get the blesssed moment

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AR shit, I got wiped twice in my first week

it was me eiza, i made them model sage with fewer sexual features so that YOU wouldn’t be horny, and reduce your blood flow to make you a millisecond slower. Slow enough for me to cause you data loss.